Story you never hear, from day trader to scalper

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  1. C- kid

    C- kid

    no one is more against scalping than me

    I value my time thus scalping is not for me

    that is..........until I found a nice and easy way to scalp

    the money in ES alone that can be done is SICK..........sick money

    so as much as I hate it I gotta scalp my ass off

    catching quarter or a full point many times a day can be more lucrative than I ever imagined
  2. you must be throwing huge amount of contracts at it(the ES) per many 5,10,20,30?...

  3. huge is a three digit number...capish???


    This is a 7 point move in 10 seconds.. If you are punching though market orders as fast as the human hand (100 milliseconds easily) likes to do it with hand eye coordination, you are in a place that the OP hasn't imagined.

    On the otherhand, often a person just caually holds through nice 20 point moves over several (5 minute) bars.

    You may want to think about what it is like to pull the snagit for that view also.
  4. If you know how to do it scalping the ES can make you a crap load of money but that assumes you know how to do it. I agree, my time is important too but if the market is going to pay me my time is very well spent scalping the crap out of the ES. Get your rest, tomorrow we scalp :mad:
  5. You don't have to trade that many contracts but obviously it helps. I've made as much as $1000 in one day trading 1 contract. There's a ton of freaking money out there in the futures markets.


  6. One thing i have to say is i have been told by good friends to check it out for about 2 years. I trade the ES and you are correct. My #'s in the last 6 months from trading equities and futs show me the bottom line. :eek:
  7. I changed my mind, from scalping to swinging.
  8. c-kid i thought you were doubling 250k every month or something like that.
  9. Ouch!
  10. C- kid

    C- kid

    tis all a lie my lady

    tis all a lie :(
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