Story/ write-up : Heather the trader

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  1. Somewhere in a quiet Chicago suburb.

    Year is 2006.

    Monday morning. 7 am.

    *ring ring* *ring ring*

    Heather opened her eyes slowly. The bedside alarm went off for a few more minutes before she pressed the snooze button. She muttered some swear words, then reluctantly streched herself and tossed and turned, finally after a while, she managed to sit up.

    'Oh my. I better get ready to read the news.'

    Heather put on her bedside slippers, walked towards the bathroom, and brushed her teeth. Thoughts run through her mind. She was thinking about what to do with her ES and Crude Oil positions. Perhaps today she would need to finally unwind all her positions and admit she had a bad trade.

    She finished brushing her teeth, walked towards her TV set and switch it on to Bloomberg.

    It all started 5 years ago.


    Year 2001.

    Somewhere in downtown NY.

    'Heather, I want you to pay attention, and pay attention closely. Understand?'

    'Umm, yes Mr. Sirowski.'

    Mr. Sirowski is Heather's new manager. A huge man with short temper, he has a reputation of being ruthless.

    --To Be Continued--
  2. Waiting...
  3. Heather was naughty.