Story banned in the U.S. Chelsea Clinton marrying into family of "one man crime wave"

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    She's marrying her dad? :confused: :D
  2. Link doesn't seem to work. Cut and paste is below.

    Welcome to the family: Chelsea Clinton's future father-in-law revealed as 'one man crime wave' just days before £3.2m wedding

    By Daniel Bates
    Last updated at 7:58 PM on 29th July 2010

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    Her family are one of the most respected political dynasties in the United States.

    But when Chelsea Clinton gets married on Saturday, a less then savoury character will take his place by their side.

    Miss Clinton’s father-in-law Ed Mezvinsky is a convicted fraudster who served five years in jail and was branded a ‘one-man crime wave’ by prosecutors over a £7million scam.

    Edward Mezvinsk
    Last minute preparations: Chelsea Clinton is spotted leaving a New York gym

    Convicted fraudster: Ed Mezvinsky served five years in jail and was branded a ‘one-man crime wave’ by prosecutors over a £7million scam. He will become Chelsea Clinton's father-in-law on Saturday

    The 73-year-old former Congressman was released in 2008 and claims he is remorseful and has paid his debt to society.

    But on Saturday, when his son Marc, 32, weds Miss Clinton, 30, eyebrows will be raised when he joins the inner circle of a family that includes former U.S. president Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    Family tensions were exacerbated over a snub to Miss Clinton’s only uncle on the groom’s side when Norton Mezvinsky was not given an invitation.

    A family feud over a book Ed Mezvinsky wanted to write about his life is blocking him from coming, leaving him deeply upset.

    ‘I am not surprised, but extremely hurt I was not invited,’ he said.

    The wedding will cost up to £3.2million and will be the society event of the year and will allow Ed Mezvinsky to mingle with the kind of people who would find his dark past unsettling.
    Chelsea Clinton

    Luxury location: Preparations are well underway at Astor Courts in New Jersey, where Miss Clinton will marry her fiancé Marc Mezvinsky on Saturday

    When it was first mooted in 2006 that Miss Clinton and Ed Mezvinsky would get get married, his father was still serving his jail sentence for stealing from friends and family after losing millions to Nigerian e-mail scams.

    At the time the Mezvinkskys were close to Bill and Hillary Clinton and were frequent guests at White House state dinners.

    Yesterday he said the wedding was 'a rather special occasion and I'm grateful I can be part of it.'

    Of his past he said: 'It was a terrible time, and I was punished for that. And I respect that and accept responsibility for what happened, and now I'm trying to move on and am grateful I have the opportunity for that.'

    Outside the ceremony, questions are also being asked about the security arrangements after it emerged a no-fly zone will cover the entire area.
    Away from prying eyes: Chelsea has chosen a rural location

    Away from prying eyes: Miss Clinton has chosen a rural location for her nuptials
    Astor Courts

    Regal: Around 500 guests are expected to attend the ceremony in upstate New York

    All flights will be banned around Rhinebeck in upstate New York by aviation authorities for 12 hours as a ‘temporary flight restriction for VIP movement’ during the ceremony.

    Miss Clinton has already irked locals by refusing to pay for the extra policing the event requires.
    Residents say they have been kept them in the dark and such is the paranoia being spread that one hotel has allegedly banned staff from saying ‘Clinton’ under threat of being fired.

    Details of her wedding to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky have been slowly leaking out and now it appears there will be a series of cocktail parties around the Rhinebeck area the night before the wedding.
    Hilary Clinton
    Hilary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton looked relaxed as she arrived outside Chelsea's apartment (left) yesterday. She was accompanied by an assistant carrying a large dress bag

    Extra gravel is being put down along the driveway to the sprawling former estate of millionaire businessman and inventor John Jacob Astor IV, the wedding venue.

    According to reports, Miss Clinton has chosen a mixture of U2, Michael Jackson, the Black Eyed Peas and Motown classics as the soundtrack to the party.

    No expense will be spared and the equivalent of £6,400 will reportedly be spent on each of the 500 guests including £7,000 on the cake alone.

    President Obama has revealed he will not be attending and said that he did not want two presidents at the party, a nod to Miss Clinton’s father Bill.

    Big day: Chelsea Clinton's wedding to Marc Mezvinsky in a country mansion on Saturday could cost up to £3.2million

    The happy couple: Miss Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky have been friends since they were teenagers

    The no-fly zone begins at 7pm on Saturday evening and ends at 7.30am the following morning. It bans flights below 2,000ft, making it near impossible for paparazzi to get pictures of the event.

    But some residents have begun breaking their self imposed silence to criticise the operation as it encroaches on their lives.

    At a meeting of the local council which approved the £1,600 bill for the extra policing, one resident went so far as to shout out that the extra expenses should be paid for by the father of the bride.

    Preparations have been continuing regardless and Miss Clinton has been spotted outside the New York studio of designer Vera Wang, who is thought to be making her £16,000 wedding dress.
  3. Dude, you got the first laugh out of me, ever, in the politics section.
  4. £3.2million for her wedding! Ouch! That's such a big amount. Too excessive in my opinion. :(

    Where does all this money come from?

    And to think, a lot of people are living in the street or living on food stamp. :(

    Sigh... sigh... sigh
  5. Chelsea's new mom-in-law is also infamous. Her name is Marjorie Margolis Mevzinski. She was a local TV reporter in Washington and her claim to fame was an expose linking bleached white coffee filters to a remote risk of cancer. Since they'r still selling them 20 years later, it must have been very remote.

    She moved to Pennsylvania, hooked up with hubby Ed and got herself elected to congress the year Clinton was first elected, '92. Her one moment of notoriety came in '93 or '94 when the democrat congress pushed through a big tax increase, after the lying Clinton had promised a tax cut (hmm, sound familiar?). The vote was close, and the democrat thugs badly needed her vote even though she represented an upscale suburban district where such a vote would put her in real jeopardy. They grabbed her by the arms and frog marched her up to the House well to vote as Republicans mockingly chanted "bye bye Marjie." In the ensuing '94 election, their prediction came true as she became a one termer, swept out in the wake of the Gingrich "Contract With America" landslide.

    She took a bullet for the Clinton mob. NOw, in a strange twist, I suppose they are taking one for her, not that associating with crooks, conmen and frauds is anything new for them.
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    Is the news really that slow today?
  7. Really? banned in the US?
    Here is the story, quite accurately describing what would have been funny with Ed Mezvinsky and the Nigerian scams - if it wasn't so pathetic - situation from 2006, on

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    My only question is "who could possibly be stupid enough to be had by a nigerian bank scam?"

    If you are one of these folks, i have some gold i could sell you which would only require a 10k deposit.
    Please invest quickly, as the prince of nigeria is going home, and he recently autographed some gold!!!


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    "Story banned in the U.S.", lol, that got me laughing.
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