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  1. How difficult is it to rent storage space? If I buy the front contract and take delivery, will my broker store it on my behalf or no? I guess the real question is do all brokers have storage capabilities. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. I would say this is not possible.

    Are you asking to take delivery of WTI? If so, you are talking about storing at Cushing. I personally don't know of any brokers that have storage space.

    Also, what size are you talking? 100 lots (100,000 bbls)? more?
  3. Yes WTI at cushing, It seems to me that it would get piped there and at which point i would have to arrange it to be picked up and stored in my own tank right, or do I just pay a fee to have it held there
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    As far as I know, no broker would allow a retail client to take delivery.
  5. Hi. Well I am assuming you're just a small scale regular trader, so excuse me if I'm misjudging you, but my answers are based on that assumption.

    Yeah, you'd have to store it in your own tank, which you don't have, etc etc. Basically, move past the futures contracts and you have OTC, physical, and wet barrel trading. And this is 'big boy' stuff, which excludes you and I!

    Hence the fears from brokers of people holding contracts close to expiry and the increase in margin during that last week.
  6. There's no available storage at Cushing, it's all full.
  7. There's that too !! :)
  8. Thanks for the help, I guess this is why MS and GS bought tankers to store.
  9. 1) "That" makes the front/spot month more dangerous/volatile to trade. :eek:
    2) Maybe you can get a contract to build more storage capacity at Cushing. :D
  10. How much to buy storage tanker at cushing and rent it out? And whom to you speak to about purchasing one ?? I know this can be done.
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