Stories of market manipulation.....

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  1. If there are any i'd love to hear them. "A friend of mine" story will do just fine :).

    Usually pretty entertaining.
  2. I once farted so loudly and for so long that they thought it was the opening bell and i was able to front run the entire market for 1.766 seconds.I actually retired at that point before they realized the mistake.I still laugh about it now every time i fart.
  3. not bad. I can't top that so I won't try.

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    If you're dealing with a market maker then it's quite easy for the broker to manipulate feeds and delay orders. 'Dealing desk execution' delay is the scourge of low cost forex brokers.
  5. I can't find the link but I think during Pitt or Grasso one of them asked the floor traders to keep the price of some stock up for a day for some reason or another.They managed to do that.

    Maybe someone else remembers the stock, I think it was for a buyout.

    Imo, I thought that was the classic manipulation rather than the run of the mill big money


    Maybe this was it.

    "One morning Greenberg wanted to send a message to Grasso as well. AIG was in negotiations to purchase another insurance com_pany, using its stock as currency, so the last thing Greenberg wanted was a falling stock price that would jeopardize the deal."

    "She called one of Grasso's assistants and told her to transcribe the following: "Hank Greenberg is not looking for AIG to go under $76.50 or the deal won't go through." of the Club.htm
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    Some body some how affect or manipulate the market. it's like butterfly effect. some time few people do it intentionally and some time it happens unintentionally.
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