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    First of all I don’t like taking 30c on a play, I look for trend plays throughout the day. When trading, I plan a trade by entering with a 20-30c stop. Sometimes on plays like IDPH which we took long and overnight at 68.75 for an upside swing, I will take a wider stop due to its trading personality, sometimes up to 50c on just a day trade.

    On TECD, she pretty much started to decline within 15-20c ranges, she started to dump and usually as I stick to my rules, I partial out 70-80% usually of my shares.

    So with TECD 700.00 shares were covered at 49.25. The other 300.00 shares were carried all the way down to 46.30.

    We noticed the support come in at 45.00 as she sank a little bit more but a long trigger was pronounce as she was taken to the upside from there.... Well hope that helped out. It was a relative easy trade...if you’re not a spectator...

    CCMP, was taking candy from the MM's short. Feel free to come by, we have allot of professional traders.

    There is one thing...Ego’s are left at the door....

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