stops and stop limits in electronic futures markets

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  1. Some order entry systems transmit stop orders (or stop limit orders) to the relevant market as soon as they are placed. Other brokers hold stop orders (or stop limit orders) internally until they become marketable and then transmit the order to the relevant market.

    I'm wondering which method ET members feel is preferable. (So that you'll know, I am talking about the electonic emini S&P, t-bonds and t-notes futures markets)

    Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer here.



  2. does anyone have any input to give me - it would really be appreciated :confused:
  3. this could be just personal preference but i really insist on brokers that allow the stop orders to be held on the CME servers. (not synthetic stop orders) just dont like synthetic stop orders.
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    Orders held by the broker are often not supported by exchange and will be submitted as an excepted order type as soon as price is triggered. Normally all orders are submitted directly to the exchange. Some platforms like Ninja Trader have the possibility to create simulated orders and hold those orders on your own computer. I dont like that for several reasons.