Stopping Spam e-mail ?????

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  1. I use hotmail and even with the highest level filters turned on, it seems I get 100-200 junk messages a day. Is there anyway to stop this nonsense ?? Thanks.
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    I found a great program for stopping spam e-mail.

    When you install the program, one of the options is for a Hotmail account. Just follow the instructions and this program will definitely help you.

    I have used this program for several months now and my spam e-mail has been reduced to nothing basically. You will still receive some spam, because your e-mail address will be sold to other companies and they will sell it to others and so on. So, it is a never ending cycle of crap that all of us have to deal with.

    Of course, you could set up another e-mail account elsewhere in addition and only give the address to people that you trust.

    Mailwasher is a great program and I highly recommend it and the best part is that it's FREE!!!

    If you have any problems or questions just PM me.
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    get your ISP to use spews ( .

    it's one of the most aggressive systems out there to block spam. why? because, if an ISP refuses to terminate a spamsite, it starts blocking adjacent IP addresses.

    several of the major backbones refused to terminate spamsites, because the spammers were paying them lots o' money. several of them started terminating the spamsites when lots of their 'regular' customers called and said "hey, our mail can't get through because we're in the 'net equivalent of a slum thanks to this spammer". then, they started terminating...
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    I have hotmail and I use the custome filters. You enter words that you will no accept in the subject of the email.

    I basically enter words like "debt" "webcam" "pussy" etc etc.

    Its also good to put the first part of your address.

    Like, lets say your address is NY632@aol

    then you put "ny632" because a lot of spam emails will automatically put that in the subject.

    I only get a few spam emails per week as opposed to the hundred I used to get.
  6. Another thing is never reply to spams, e.g. 'Click here if you want to have your email address removed from our mailing list'.
    If you replied, they get you ! :)

    Look into the properties of your email account. I remembered when I applied for Yahoo mail, in the application form to enter the username you choose, password, ect... there was a section that asked me if I want to 'recieve informations about our products/services, ... our partner's offers..., ect....' , you click on NO
  7. Does hotmail have the option of blocking users and domains? If so, just start adding the various email addresses and/or domains that most of your spam is coming from and you'll stop seeing it.

    Those using regular email with Outlook, you can do similar by creating rules that just dump spam into a junk folder or deletes it entirely.

    I started doing that a while back and have been dumping almost all spam into a junk folder (hundreds a day). I use the junk folder so I can quickly scan the message titles to make sure a legit message didn't get mistakenly targeted by one of the filters (only had 1 so far) and then I just periodically delete all messages in the junk folder.

    The problem with the SPEWS type groups is that they're starting to become as bad as the spammers - no one polices these groups or the validity of their lists and they're not just "benevolent benefactors". I had to turn off my ISP's spam blocking because they used one of these lists that was blocking a legit opt-in email list I belonged to and also blocked messages from a couple friends who were unfortunate enough to be using ISP email servers that were in the block list. I complained to the ISP but they basically said they used one of these black hole lists and didn't control the content of the list.

    A couple of these groups are run by serious unix zealots who hate everything Microsoft and there have been reports of them arbitrarily and unilaterally adding Microsoft owned IP addresses to their blocking lists. Have also seen reports of one or two of these groups trying to extort money from companies by back handedly warning that they'll block their domains if they don't sign up for the group's "services".
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    If you have a regular email account, I recommend using Mozilla. It has a great spam filter and moves spam directly in a separate folder.

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    thx re mailwasher program, looks good.. first one I've found that interfaces w/hotmail accts etc .. any good anti popup programs? & adaware are useful for antitrojan

  10. I'm a little lost here...

    isn't that's what hotmail or yahoo is being used for...

    as a SPAM filter.

    I only use my hotmail and yahoo email address when giving my email address to strangers...people I've met online...signing up for test services and anything else.

    In other words...I do not use my real ISP email address.

    In real email address is only accessible by my personal best friends and contains a word that is scrabble along with numbers.

    I've had it for 5 years and have NEVER received one spam email.

    I even tested to see how fast I could get spam by setting up a 2nd email address (I get 4 free email addresses) as

    The next day...I had 23 spam emails without even having a chance to send out a single email nor signing up with anything.

    Further...most spammers that collect email addresses are sneaky in how they access your email address...

    for example...have you ever had a friend or relative send you an email via the CC: or To: option along with sending the same email to several other people at the same time via the CC: option so that when you see the To: or CC: section...your able to see everybody elses email address...

    if that has happen to you at least once...

    your cooked...soon you'll be getting all kinds of spam.

    Something else you need to be careful about...

    have you ever gotten an email with from

    (example only above)

    Those are the emails you should NEVER click "Unsubscribe Me".

    If you do...more spam will come your way.

    My yahoo email box gets about 30 junk mails per day. My hotmail email box gets about 50 junk mails per day...that's still with all the filters on and with certain spam domains being blocked.

    That's my purpose for using such (Yahoo and Hotmail) so that I don't get that crap in my real email ISP inbox.

    Also...if it gets too much to your ISP and change your email name then notify all your close personal friends and relatives of your email name change...

    If your in love with Yahoo or Hotmail...close the account and open a new email account...they are free and make sure you use words and numbers and not something like

    Easy random spam name to target.

    Try something like this:

    The numbers can represent something important in your life so that you'll never forget it.

    Make sure you use the BCC: option to send out that notice of email change to your friends and family to protect them if some spammer were to intercept one of their emails.

    Latest spam trick is the "Return Delivery Notice" in hopes you'll click on it to open the email.

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