Stopping illegal immigration

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  1. To stop illegal immigration, wouldn't it be as easy as telling all businesses that are found hiring illegals they will be fined $5,000.00 per illegal hire?

    What good is deporting them when there is some guy on the U.S. side of the border waving his hands and shouting "If you can sneak in, I've got a job waiting for you!"

    Deporting is fine, but some guy giving them incentive to sneak in, or sneak back in, isn't doing the U.S. any favors. Why not cut the incentive off at the source?

    Why don't the Dems or Repubs - whoever's got the balls - suggest this as a Federal mandate?
  2. Current law:

    Under the plan, which becomes effective March 27, the minimum penalty for willingly hiring an unauthorized worker would go from $275 to $375. The maximum penalty will jump from $2,200 to $3,200, and the maximum for multiple violations will increase from $11,000 to $16,000.

    The fines go up sharply if you're a serial violator, as you can see. I don't know why this doesn't stop the problem, not having researched it. Off the top of my head, I think the presence of that word "willingly" might have something to do with it, as it's always hard to prove intent.
  3. That's fine, but I am saying each illegal immigrant found to be working for a U.S. company should cost that company $5,000.00. So if they find 1, it's $5k, 2 is $10k, etc - no limit. Repeat violators would be increased to $10,000.00 PER illegal. Why? Because it COSTS MONEY to enforce the penalty, process and deport them - and the violators should be the ones who PAY for that.

    I think THAT would stop any incentive of offering jobs to illegals.

    But who has the balls to do it? Democrats? No. Republicans? No. So far all I hear is whining, but they won't take the route of really trying to stop it.

    Hypocrisy all around...
  4. So? Who here is for this kind of approach - and is going to press their representatives to advocate for it?

    How you explain it to them is simple: If you have more than 1 car, and they are all illegally parked, no one cites you for only 1 violation to cover them all. Each violation is separate and fined individually.

    So each illegal immigrant found to be working at a U.S. business is assessed a fine per individual, starting at $5,000. and increasing yet another $5K - $10K, $15K, $20K for ongoing offenders. For example, 2 illegals for a first-time violator costs $10,000.00. This then pays for the cost for enforcement.

    As this is a difficult precedent to associate with this problem, it is perhaps not surprising that none of the Congressmen and Senators looking out for our interests have suggested it, but you can e-mail them and request it.

    Who will have the courage and the daring - Democrats or Republicans - to stand up for their principles and show themselves worthy of leading the country?!

    Who will we see leading the charge on this idea - Democrats or Republicans??
  5. The issue will be settled by Obama granting citizenship (via Executive Order... Congress is irrelevant now) to all who sneak in across the border. Then, nobody will be illegal. Problem solved.
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    Can Obama give himself citizenship?
  7. But surely (shirley?) the greatest of our representatives would see the rightness in this approach and bravely fight on the Capitol for it!

    Disdaining partisan hackery, they will fight for what...

    (drum-roll....) The American PEOPLE (trumpets and fanfare)


    The best among them are probably racing to the Senate floor now to be the first to demand it! But who will get there first?!!

    Will it be...

    The Stalwart Democrat


    The Frontiersman Republican

    first to step up for....

    (drum-roll....) The American PEOPLE! (trumpets and fanfare)
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    The main reason I don't register to vote anymore is because neither party will do this simple thing. It's gone on so long in So Cal that my High School Spanish is still good... and that was 50 years ago... they have several reasons: Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme and it needs new taxable entities to keep going longer, illegals have no legal rights and they work cheap, they vote Democrat, they have the backing of the Catholic Church and mainline Protestants, etc, ad infinitum ad nauseoum...
  9. If they tend to vote Democrat, then I can see why the Stalwart Democrat would end up being the Sissified Democrat and not fight for such a law for...

    (drum-roll...) The American PEOPLE! (trumpets and fanfare)

    That means it's up the The Frontiersman Republican!! Who will it be? McConnell? Boehner?

    Who will fight for this law and be the Champion of...

    (drum-roll...) The American PEOPLE! (trumpets and fanfare)
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    Why do you keep beating this long dead horse?
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