Stopped Trading

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Have you stopped trading due to the recent volatility?

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  1. I wondered if anyone had stopped trading during this volatile time. Some people believe that once you go above 30 on the VIX that's end of it for a while. I did some analysis today and we haven't something crazy like this in years. If you look at the SPX it never moved 40 points like this a day usually.
  2. ammo


    i didn't go back and look at any data but historicallywhen a mrkt shifts from bull to bear or vice/versa there are giant whipsaws which inicates the change is real
  3. some have been saying they are raking in more during the last week than over a month's previous trading...

    one thing is certain the volitility is taketh and giveith away....

    anybody see CNBC this morning when Pat Buchanan indicted Kudlow and CNBC?

    they had to cut him off, because he was not complimentry to their own on aire commentator....

  4. Yes, straddles definitely could have made a ton of money this month.
  5. balda


    I wander if those who stopped trading do not have any more capital to average down?
  6. Dustin


    Volatile times create the most opportunity. All other times are just practice.
  7. Whoa... lotta truth in THAT!