Stoploss / protection ideas for TDameritraded a

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  1. met1989


    I’m asking this here as the trade desk in TDameritrade have no idea or I do t know , I have a few butterflies on the es which have been adjusted a 2/3 times. Now every time I add or adjust my risk gets bigger but I still like to rest sometimes so I’m asking what kind of stoploss I can do on the TDameritrade platffofm to that if a the u deejaying hits a price or total cost of options are losing any good ideas
  2. smallfil


    It seems to be adjusting one's position only achieves: 1) prolongs that trade which is probably, a loser anyway in the hope it turns and ends up a winner, 2) increase the cost of that trade since, you have to pay commissions, each time you adjust your position, 3) upside if any is probably, going to be very small if it works at all 4) if it still fails and even leads to increased losses, why even adjust your position? Why not just take the loss and move on to the next trade which could be a better trade? Just my 2 cents.
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    It's slightly off topic, but how long does a stop loss lasts, once placed ?

    In TDA demo, it ,,expired" after 24 hours~

  4. met1989


    U need to set it as GTC good till cancel
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