Stop Working More than 40 Hours a Week

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    Found an interesting article, named: "Stop Working More Than 40 Hours a Week". Looks to be good reminder for us, traders, cause I know too well by myself and colleagues how addictive this job can be. We think "if I spend more time in front of screens or watch more markets I will see more opportunities and make more money", right? Wrong! :)

    Even the research of "regular" jobs shows working more than 40 hours a week negatively affects productivity. Needless to say that trading, especially day-trading is much more demanding job than say common office-manager occupation. Trading requires continuous focus and decision making.

    I realized this effect myself, when switched from long hours trading Euro to trading much shorter hours doing US SIF's during the most active time. Performance actually improved and trading became much less draining than it used to be.

    Suggest everyone to seriously think about it: if you're a day-trader, probably it's wise to stop thinking in "more hours - more money" terms, reconsider your approach towards picking hours/markets when/where the most activity takes place and do your best to maximize focus (and eventually profits) within that "best opportunity window".

    Here's the article:
  2. I prefer the 4 hour work week. Google it, if you don't already know. 40!? You gotta be kidding!!
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    4 a week would likely make me very bored, I love trading... but my point was, we better keep even the lovely job controlled. Workaholic disorder is not funny.
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    Will check it out, thanks. :)
  5. Did you buy the book ?
  6. I live the life.

    Yes, I own the book and was hugely inspired and motivated by it.

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    I use to think I had to trade all day to make great profits, but THAT took a toll on my life. I now trade first 40 minutes of ES day session and 1.50 hours in afternoon. By concentrating on low losing percentages, I could increase contract size and take less trades for the day.

    But it is tough to get use to reduced hours.
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    Ditto. I generally do first two hours of NQ recently (sometimes longer, but only if there's such a great trend it's a must take/hold). Sometimes an hour before that of GLOBEX action. But that's it. Making more than used to in Euro thanks to better market volatility and ability to focus better during short hours.

    P. S. Surf, 4 hours a week is far not enough screen time, no wonder you don't see working TA patterns. :D
  9. I take it you have no children?

    I work to show them ethics, and give them a shot at more options later in i am having a ball doing what i do. Now down to 8 hrs a my 40's.
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