Stop with all the "black <day_of_week>" threads

Discussion in 'Trading' started by krazykarl, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. It shows your inexperience.

  2. We could just have a Black January thread. Or Black 2008 thread.
  3. Get ready for Black Wednesday!!!!!
  4. black beauty
  5. Really, we'll have nothing for Feb, whadda we talk about then? Crackers?
  6. LOL, think I saw that porn...I'm a fan of

    My thing is Latinas.
  7. Sucker rally February. Be a huge month for the Bulls!
  8. I predict a black February since it is Black History Month.
  9. Then it will be a "Sucka" rally.

  10. :eek: Up Trend
    #10     Jan 23, 2008