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    I bought 550 shares of (dsx) at 26.76 today. It is now at 27.85 for a profit of 599.50. I want to protect my profit and put a stop around $500 of profit. How do I calculate that? Its going to be a swing trade, however this has moved unusually fast today. Its a paper trade, but I want to see if this system works.

  2. DSX now at 27.80 area.

    You need to have a Sell stop at $27.86 which is just about where it is right now.

    Unless you want to get some options in the mix.
  3. stop price = profit / shares + entry price

    $500 / 550 shares + 26.76 = 27,669...
  4. A stop at $26.67 would give you a profit of approx $500. Uptik, time to give up worshiping in the Church of Beer. Those brain cells are disappearing.
  5. LOL..smokin' crack in Beantown, bro!
    YOu just gave him a B/E stop.
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    You are both dyslexic crackheads!

    He paid $26.76, a stop of $26.67 is a $.09 LOSS, not breakven but a $49.50 LOSS!

    A sell stop entered @ $27.67 would lock in his $500 profit (less commissions).

    I don't even trade stocks, that MBA is paying off!
  7. lol, I did mean $27.67, but yes, I suppose my worshiping at the church of crack has lost me a few more cells :)
  8. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!!!!

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    Anyway, you don't want to get in the habit of protecting profit on a swing trade. You want to get in the habit of having per-defined exits and entries.

    Else, how you gonna get the home runs?
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    Thanks for the risk management lesson!
    Nothing wrong with many singles and doubles to keep the register ringing.

    el surdo
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