stop tinkering IB with the Platform

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  1. Their new changes are full of bugs, just stop it, the bugs have even migrated to the older versions of TWS , that's pretty hard to do, fire all your damn programmers now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I haven't seen the bugs but I agree with the original post.

    I've seen many different software go downhill trying to add new features which introduced new bugs. I rather have a simple stable build.
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    dst Interactive Brokers

    Would you please PM me the bugs you see? Thanks.
  4. July, 4, 2013

    Apparently you didn't. Your whining isn't going to solve anything. Either go to your "much better broker" which you never identified or learn IB's limitations, develop contingency plans and STFU.

    Seems like almost every IB thread has you whining about something.

    Chalk up another one for the ignore list.
  5. Maybe the point is that this is a continual problem with IB that they make so many changes with each new iteration that these bugs are never tested prior to publishing, and things go haywire for the user when the platform rolls over if you will.

    Maybe there isn`t a better international broker for what I require exposure wise.

    They have a lot of good things going for them, it is just that they seem to bring the easy stuff (problems) onto themselves for no apparent reason.

    That is what I love about ET, some newbie internet tough guy pulls some thread quotes and thinks he is educated enough to talk regarding the poster.

    I see what IB could be from a potential perspective, that is what frustrates me the most.