Stop This Olympic Crap!

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  1. Anyone else getting pissed about this constant protesting involving the olympics???? leave the athletes alone and let them have their day in the sun!...Can you imagine your a handicpped athlete and you get the honor to carry the torch and some moron douses it out because they don't like what is going on in tibet???

    Obama is calling for direct talks with Iran but thinks the President should skip the olympics????? HUh?

    shouldn't GW use the opportunity to conduct direct talks with China instead of snubbing them?????

    Remember the 80 and 84 olympics? How unfair it was to the athletes to have ther legacy tarnished over Afghanistan!!! LMAO...Russia invades so Carter boycotts...30 years laterr, we now occupy Afghanistan!! WTF am i missing here???

    The Olympics was supposed to be the one time every 4 years where we drop our differences and compete in the name fo sports...between all the Pro athletes and all th protests the Olympics have become a big boil that should be lanced!

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  2. Well, I never figured out what this shouting of "free to bed" was all about...

    These protests have really set a fine example of western civilization to the rest of the world. Not!
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    I agree!

    Scrap the Olympics entirely. As with all government run entities it is just a huge waste of money, just to produce a couple of weeks of sports every four years. Leave sports in the hands of professional and amature leagues and associations. Quite the opposite of the Olympics the pros generate revenue and contribute to the world economy. Amature associations are mostly self sustainable through particpant support and pro league and association support.

    Both professional and amature leagues and associations provide competition and entertainment on a near year-round basis and in the case of the pros in most sports produce higher quality competition. To win a Stanley cup for example a team must play upwards of 100 games in a season and be victorious over at least twenty other comparably qualified teams. The Superbowl is the the sports spectacle of the world because of the quality of the sport, which could never be duplicated by government programs.

    The Olympics is the sports version of the UN - they both contribute much less to the world than they cost.
  4. Should China's president call U.S. for direct talks with Osama Bin Laden after Sept 11, 2001???

    It is high time to eradicate these terrorists under the robe.

  5. Good point..." let's show how much we are appalled by their human rights violations...lets interupt and attack some innocent soul who is running down the street in anouther country trying to live his dream of being a torch barer"......:eek:
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    Dang, I thought this was going to be about a new event at the olympics.

  7. How to make a torch go nude? Is it legal?
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  9. i really miss spell check:D ...come to think of it....THAT would be quite the olympic event!!! women only though and no eastern bloc countries allowed
  10. If that happened to an American in a wheel chair before the olympics in the US the masses would be calling for the death the fuck do you do that to a person in a wheel chair????? this world is doomed and if those so called peace locing monks had any class the 'DOllY LAMBA" would make an announcement that this is not acceptable and we do not want you tarnishing our name with this crap!
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