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Discussion in 'Politics' started by neutrino, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. I think this market is driving everyone crazy and I got sick of seeing threads discussing the future market direction and who is short, who is long, who made the right call, who had their asses handed to them, etc...

    Correct me if I am wrong, but two GOOD TRADERS will make money in the long run regardless of the fact that at the same time one of them is long or bullish, and the other is short or bearish, even if they trade the same time frame !?!

    This forum is getting totally in the wrong direction with these silly discussions. These threads do no good than to show market sentiment or to serve as a psychological vent.

    Did everyone forget what is one of the most important concepts in trading? "Detach!" - this is it! Do not trust others opinions and listen to your analysis and intuition. QUICKLY change your mind when wrong and adapt. Don't let your ego get in the way. You are not doing yourself a favor, when you are advocating your opinion of the market on a forum and trying to prove your point. Put your money on the table and SHUT UP! Your equity curve will speak for you...

    This Forum should help traders make money, not lose money, let's not spoil it! Thank you.
  2. Totally agree!

    Mostly newbies trying to show they can trade.
  3. zdreg


    this board has been declining for awhile. there are alot of new traders calling other people names, getting upset by minor setbacks and lacking in knowledge on how a business is run and lacking in particular knowledge of day trading industry.

    there are too many threads in general. nothing personal but people just post their thoughts without making an effort to post their thoughts within an existing thread.
  4. Ditto all the above and then some.

  5. dbphoenix


    It's a guy thing. There's little you can do about it other than ignore it. And assume that whoever engages in it isn't doing particularly well.
  6. abogdan


    What a great post, neutrino! I was thinking to write something like that my self, but you beat me to it! Good for you! My deepest regards to you and full support! This board should be used for sharing ideas, experiences, techniques etc. not for showing off and complete disregard to other traders. I enjoy heated discussions but not the dirty dog fights! Low life forms always choose parasitic existence!
  7. I respectfully disagree. I love reading how so and so is picking a top or makes me all warm and fuzzy to know that there are a whole new crop of "traders" for the rest of us to harvest from. THE BULL IS BACK!!! :D
  8. I don't agree with you although I am the one who consistently call for detachment on ET. Check all my posts.

    The reason is very simple. In a very obvious trend market, it is the most easy time to make money. It is unnecessary to be shy of what your positions are. And it is certainly helpful to share the useful opinions with your fellow traders. You know, it rarely be this easy to make calls and money like now. Why not share it. Hope it helps.

    Detach if you cannot bear to read what people are saying. Cover you eyes or bury your head in sands. But don't call for detto. That hurts friendships. And anyone like that will be out of the loop, the circle of the trust.

    Thanks. You take care.

  9. abogdan


    You must enjoy the cock fights then?:D
  10. JORGE


    I believe the PDT rules are largely behind all these market direction threads. Smaller traders have been forced into the futures, and therefore only care about overall market direction rather than individual equity movement. Like the late 90's these traders have to go onto some sort of message board and cheerlead whatever position they have taken. Most of these top calling threads remind me of the old YHOO message boards where people were either long or short and defended these positions with their life. There was a lot of name calling and close minded thinking. Like the late 90's most of these traders are likely to let their ego's influence their trading and will end up getting burned in the end.
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