Stop these Threads - Method !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by saschabr, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    I think to save / restore the good reputation this board always had, it is important that these useless harrasment threads stop.

    A save method to achieve this would be to add a "POLL - STYLED I want this thread deleted" button to each new thread.

    Each logged - in member can press this
    button if he/she thinks the thread is spam, worthless etc.

    After x hits of this button, the thread
    is closed or removed.


    I already posted in the Feedback
    forum. I did not know it would not be
    listed at the start page so others
    can contribute.
  2. pspr


    Just use the "complain" button at the bottom. If enough people complain about a thread I'm sure the mods would close it or move it to chit-chat.
  3. That is a GREAT idea!

    Moderators, are you listening?


    Yeah, but what happens when some of these mooks keep logging in under other names so they can vote 10 times?
  5. abogdan


    Its still worth to try, I think.
  6. How about finally making ET a subscription site?
    That would cut down on the aliases.

    I think.