Stop The Obama Tax Avalanche

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  2. It actually starts off with a blatant lie in the first line itself or he is terribly misinformed.

    "On Dec. 31, 2010, almost every working American will be hit with a massive, across-the-board tax increase on their income and investments."


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    Well, Look Again:

    "... Nationally, the typical middle-income family, which has a median income of $63,366, would see its federal income tax burden increase by $1,540 if the Bush-era tax cuts expire..."


    Not to mention what happens to their investments, pension plans, state/local/municipal taxes, etc.

    Don't forget that the unemployment rate is expected to shoot well above 10% as small/medium businesses lay people off to pay the new taxes.

    Just remember that Socialism doesn't pay, it just wreakes havoc.
  4. Except that expiration of the tax cuts for folks making less than 250k in net, taxable income IS NOT WHAT IS BEING PROPOSED.
    It's hand-waving. Misdirection. All that.
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    Doesn't quite make it to "avalanche" territory then, does it?

    My business will pass these modest tax increases on to my customers, as will my competitors.

    When and if price inflation becomes an issue, we can revisit this.

    FUD fail.
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    Let's Hear It From The Horse's Mouth

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    Couldn't have said it better myself... :D
  7. It hasn't been announced enough yet. Put it on Oprah and everyone will find out.
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    Can your customers afford the increase? Or will your business decline because most of them can't afford the increase?
  9. Actually, we NEED taxes to increase on Jan 1. Only then... when the people feel the horrendous negative impact of Obama's policies, will we be able to RISE UP AND KICK HIS GREEDY, SELF-SERVING SOCIALISTIC ASS to the curb... :mad:
  10. Yannis


    The anticipated overall effect is huge, as stock market drops and unemployment shoots up. Plus, we all know that the guy will not stop there, he's a tax and spend junkie. We've got to stop him now, or else we'll be $5T deeper in the hole before we know it.
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