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  1. zoo


    Everybody always says how much money they are making trading the futures markets. They post their profit sheets. But what about the end of year? Post your IRS income tax return statements. Show us what you earned. I would post mine but I didnt' make any money. I'm a big fat loser. So all you winners that always say you make money, now is your chance to prove to us that your system works. Post your IRS returns. But please block out any sensitive information first, such as real name, SS#, address, etc...
  2. LOL
  3. in a few years time, if you keep at it, you'll see by yourself that it is possible to make good money every freaking day tading futures of whatever mkt.

    just be patient and keep and open mind...of course dont let your brains fall out.:D
  4. RedDuke


    Hi Zoo,

    Posting trading statement or income tax returns is pointless. Using basic photoshop skills everything can be easily changed.

    The only way to get some truth (by no way 100% guaranteed), is to get audit from a very reputable company, but almost no one would be willing to do it.

    Anyone who sells staff will not do it because they make money selling and not trading (the only exception is Lary Levin, but I am not sure how reputable his auditors were).

    Anyone who makes money trading, will not bother doing it.

  5. Amen redduke, Amen

  6. RL8093


    Zoo - let me understand correctly. Because you cannot trade profitably - you now believe no one else can?

    Suggestion: rather than calling all profitable traders liars, your energy would be better spent on figuring out what's keeping you from being profitable. What anyone else does (or does not do) has zero impact on your P/L.

    Yes, there are many profitable traders out here and few to none have any real need to prove it to you....
  7. ONLY Audited Financial Statements mean anything at all in the business world.
    Self-serving claims on internet forums are a JOKE.

    In fact...
    They are illegal for a Registered Person to make...
    Contravening NASD Advertising Regulations.

    Most people here are not running a business...
    So would not understand facts as basic as this.
  8. Uh, Hound Dog One,

    I just went to NASD broker check and couldn't find "HoundDogOne" registered in the industry.

    What broker holds your 7?
  9. patoo


    and you will continue to lose if you keep talking like that. Calm down,; re-group and try again.

    Persistence, not whining is the key to success.

    Try it!
  10. Not sure about that , Patoo. My dog has found that whining is THE key to her success.
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