Stop The F*(& Madness

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EMRGLOBAL, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Now major cities want a piece of the "SOCALIST" pie that Paulson is dishing out.

    City Governments want a bail out! Let us see, how many of you have had to deal with City departments? What about the "Tallent" that they hire but can never fire. What about the "Unions" that give City Employees all kinds of "Perks" on Tax Payers dimes.

    The F*(&^ Balls of these mayors.

    My friends, the USSA has started!
  2. It's either that or politicians publicly admitting that the US now has become a poor country.
    I think we're a month away from a massive run on the dollar. The first BIG cracks are starting to appear. Municipalities, states & corporate defaults will be the news for the next 3 weeks
  3. This is working out really well. Instead of being punished for irresponsible recklessness, everyone's getting in line for some candy.

    Guess who will be the ones that are punished...anyone with assets, income, yup...