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Discussion in 'Trading' started by inandlong, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. Uni


    Yes, yes, yes!!!

    I was referred to this site a couple of months ago by a fellow trader. While I found some threads/posts useful, the majority was not. I have not been to this site lately because of this. I (like most everyone else here) am extremely busy and just can not waste time here on the aforementioned "crap." Maybe if some of the advertisers knew this they would think twice about renewing their contracts.

    I like this site. I would love to spend more time here absorbing and participating in constructive discussion. I applaud your stance and I'm willing to check in here more often to see if it works. If it does, the advertising value will increase with the percentage of serious (money spending) traders willing to abide by this covenant.

    The freedom of speech, the "hey man, I can post whatever assinine comment I want 'cause I'm in America," and "the man is putting me down by deleting my posts" arguments are invalid in this forum. This is a private site. There are no NEA grants supporting it (as far as I know). Whatever rules you guys want to lay down are fine with me as long as they promote the free flow of information between traders. If someone doesn't like it they can go hang out on the Yahoo boards where they belong.

    I want to believe this is going to work. I want to come back here and enjoy civil discussion. I want to buy things from the advertisers. Don't let this fall by the wayside, ET. You're future depends on it.

    #21     Aug 17, 2003
  2. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    Yes...go for it Inandlong. Please remove all the crap from the serious threads and let them put it in ChitChat where it belongs!:D :D
    #22     Aug 17, 2003
  3. Can somebody tell me clearly what is crap and what ain't?

    For example, things like the "Stochastic Indicator Thread"with its 250+ pages containing lines like

    "... as Jack is trying take us to higher level of trading..."

    is this going to pass as non-crap?
    #23     Aug 17, 2003
  4. lescor


    Get rid of the damn post counter under everyone's name. That's probably the motivation for non-stop useless posts and :) 's all the time. Some people's egos are puffed up easily.

    (this post contains no crap)
    #24     Aug 17, 2003
  5. LOL! I understand what you are saying, but I cannot speak about the other Forums. Hopefully it is pretty clear in my initial post what crap is. From your posts that I have read, I feel confident that you know. I am also confident that our success in the Trading Forum will find its way into the other trading-related forums, especially given the support shown by posts in this thread.

    Never hesitate to use the "Complain" link at the bottom of a post. Knowing that other members are fed up with the crap is important.
    #25     Aug 17, 2003
  6. There will always be things that are fervently believed by one person, and dismissed as useless by another. These differences can make for interesting discourse, and are not the problem on ET. The problem is simple rudeness... borne of anonymity and driving the non-juvenile users away.

    I suggest this as a starting point for a definition of crap:

    Crap is anything that you wouldn't say to in person, to someone twice your size.
    #26     Aug 17, 2003
  7. excellent point. If you look at the most active memebers list only 3 guys there are worth reading: marketsurfer, def and Don Bright. Two of these guys are posting for their firms sake and surfer runs his own fund. The rest is crap and should be deleted.
    #27     Aug 17, 2003
  8. good point. Some of the threads have legitimate titles and beginning posts, but 90% of the replies are off topic or turn into flame matches. Semms like the moderators are doing a terrible job of moderating.
    #28     Aug 17, 2003
  9. TGregg


    It's clear there will be no objective measure of crap. Therefore, there will be some disagreement of whether something should have been deleted, or should have been allowed. However, I think it will be better than our current situation.

    Some things are obvious garbage. A post that only says "Oh yeah? Well you are a big fat idiot." is clearly worthless and deserves to be sent to Write Only Memory (WOM). We're also going to have mixed posts, like "Oh yeah? Well you are a big fat idiot, and here's why. The fed is expanding the money supply at an extraordinary rate, and . . .(some very useful points are raised). . . plus you eat too much."

    I dunno what the policy should be, in regards to the mixed post above. Perhaps the mods can edit it, or delete it and send the text back to the author for recomposing. Any ideas?
    #29     Aug 17, 2003
  10. Great points all.

    If the poster sees his/her post deleted, they can assume it was either worthless and off topic. or in serious need of a rewrite. No further action needed on moderators part.

    Now.... about those black helicopters and crooked specialist.... I have it from a real reliable source that...... XXXxx...umph.. GET YOUR HAND OFF MY MOUTH......

    #30     Aug 17, 2003
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