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Discussion in 'Trading' started by inandlong, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. I like your style randy'. It is interesting that you chose the "line in the sand", as I have been involved in that discussion previously as well, although it was regarding trading and not moderating. Specifically, no I didn't notify the boss. Although, I am probably known as the least tolerant moderator anyway. At least I think I am the least tolerant. Yes it is a personal choice to raise the standards. A choice motivated by PM's and posts similar to those found on this thread.

    I hope I can count on you for support.
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  2. Idoogye


    I participate in other discussion forums which cover topics like politics and religion. From that you can perhaps imagine how mild the "crap" on ET seems to me. However, when I come here to read and talk about trading, I'd rather not listen to a bunch more puerile flaming and trash-talk. Trading itself kicks up one's adrenaline levels. Is that not thrill enough? Who needs to start virtual "rumbles" on a message board, and why? Isn't confronting real life enough of a challenge?

    Humour is one thing. Gratuitous in-your-face hostility is something altogether different, and if you moderators are inclined to curb it you certainly shall have my support.
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  3. white17


    Inandlong: Thank You !
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  5. damir00

    damir00 Guest

    what about the diarrehtic crap from posters whose goal in life seems to be to flood as many threads as possible with as many longwinded posts as possible?
    #15     Aug 17, 2003
  6. "I think you should wash your hands <i>before</i> you go to the bathroom."

    This is the kind of stuff that <i>real</i> traders talk about! :D :( :p :mad: :cool: :confused: :eek:
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  7. Ken_DTU


    good post inandlong, agree 110% ... the more professional, focused on trading strategies the board can be, the better...
    #17     Aug 17, 2003
  8. It's about time!!!
    #18     Aug 17, 2003
  9. You mean no more FasterPussyCat Posts?

    Michael B.
    #19     Aug 17, 2003
  10. alanm


    Good show, inandlong!

    The name-calling noise isn't limited to just that directed at other members, either.

    What's the point of posting to every thread that the options market is crooked (including propaganda sigs that take half a page), or that the SEC/NASD/specialists/big firms/Black Helicopters are out to screw you?

    Whether this stuff is true or not, some of us are trying to work within the system the way it is. It's one thing if someone wants to complain about those problems in related threads, but why should every thread about NYSE trading degenerate into specialist-bashing?

    If you think the answer to a particular question is "the specialist screwed you", just assume that everyone already knows that, and spare us. Maybe the poster is looking for an alternate explanation.
    #20     Aug 17, 2003
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