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Discussion in 'Trading' started by inandlong, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. The number of members who are complaining about the riff-raff on ET is growing, and their voice is becoming louder.

    Although I think the number of older members posting has been increasing because of a decrease in the tolerance for crap to be posted, there remains a large number who are tired of the threads going downhill because of the crap. I am one of them.

    From now on, the Trading Forum is not going to tolerate crap. Hatefulness, bashing, animosity, etc., etc., you guys all know what crap is. Crap isn't humor. Smart-mouth replies are crap. Replies that are made from the safety of the keyboard that would otherwise find the poster being slapped around a bit in the real world. I guarantee that if we were all face to face, most of this stuff would stop. But from behind the keyboard, there are so many tough guys. Just like the wimps that flip you off in the car and then race away.

    And I expect some support from the other members too, instead of leaving me out there to swing when the crying and whining starts. Please, do me a favor, if you don't like the way it is going to be done, take it to Baron. Instead of whining in a post which I will delete, PM me or take it to Baron.

    But the crap stops today. Thanks EliteTraders.
  2. TGregg


    `Bout damn time.
  3. jem


    The crap never bothered me but if it can improve the content to noise ratio it seems like a good idea. Especially because the crap may have driven some good writers away.
  4. Sounds good to me.
  5. I must have joined the wrong site. I was advised by a friend who is a VERY successful trader that this was one of the better sites for trading information, good discussion with other traders, education, etc. But after one week of reading many of the posts, I feel like it's probably a waste of my time. I can see why some of the more experienced traders have left, too much BS.
  6. its not only the crap, but a lot of threads end up way off topic and waste time- a thread should deal with the subject in the title only and not deviate into name calling or another topic.
  7. I agree 100%. Seems like the moderators aren't moderating enough.
  8. inandlong this line you've drawn in the sand seems to be a personal choice and not officially sanctioned.. does the boss know of his sheriff's new get tough policy :D

    You remember what befell that "Walking Tall" guy don't you...:D
  9. good point....:-/
  10. I'm all for as much moderation as possible. I come here for valuable information, not to be entertained by the egos and vendettas of losers. less wanker talk, and more professional exchange of ideas.

    If it was my board, I would pick out all of the flames and yahoo style content without a moment's hesitation. Maybe use like a 3 strikes kind of system. I'm sure the traffic lost from those types would soon be replaced by increased participation from all the lurking professionals, and we'd have a much better board.

    There are others out there doing this, and it works.
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