Stop Run Day

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by LT701, Aug 1, 2007.

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    pretty maddening
  2. LT701


    and the trade you dont stop will run 100 points against you
  3. English?
  4. RhinoGG

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  5. Botswanian?
  6. Can we move these dumb ass threads to Chit Chat, since that's essentially all they are?
  7. LT701


    oh go fuck yourself

    nobody forced you to read it
  8. The last 1.5 hours has been choppy, before hand we had several 100 point swings in YM

    Now itS chopping in 60 point range.
  9. I click on them, thinking that there's actually some sort of intelligent, though-provoking discussion. But instead, all I find is:


    So if you can't find a coherent thought with two hands and a flashlight, just post in Chit Chat with all the other profoundly visionesque posters.
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    so why'd you come back to this thread, dumbass, having already known what it was about? guess your time isnt as valuable as you'd have us believe

    what are YOU contributing here, other than your own whining? you're an idiot
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