Stop Review spamming

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by KeLo, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. KeLo


    Please Stop Review spamming, aka ballot stuffing

    There are some reviewers that have posted multiple "good reviews" on the same software and/or brokers. It's like ballot stuffing in an election. One person - one vote.


    On Lightspeed Brokers, Mario66 has several Lightspeed votes.

    On Multicharts, Swisstrader has 3 positive votes on the same page. Tikitrader and tortoise also have multiple votes.

    The are probably countless other examples with other brokers/platforms, etc.
    Any intelligent person will see that these results are stacked and this degrades EliteTrader's credibility as the #1 go-to source.

    note: This is not a criticism of the broker or software mentioned, only a criticism of ballot stuffing.
  2. Catoosa


    I some times see what you are saying. However, clients of brokers often change their opinion about a broker with more time of use and may want to update their rating and review of a broker. Would allowing only one update-able rating and review for each broker per ET user meet your needs? In other words the latest rating and review would replace the previous rating and review.
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  4. KeLo


    Changing one's vote would be fine with me. That is understandable, esp. as software and brokers go thru changes.

    But Swisstrader's 3 Multicharts endorsements on the same page is vote stuffing IMO. (Although he did lower some 5s in his latest review to 4s.)

    Once again, my opinion here is about the process, not the software or brokers.