Stop Paying Taxes if there is any Further Money Printing or QE

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  1. Paying Taxes is similar to giving a Gun to a Monkey, the monkey will fire the gun anywhere.

    Americans will have 35% more income if americans do not pay taxes. They can spend this additional 35% money as per their needs and save the economy. When 35% tax is paid to the government, people have no control over their tax money. Government spends the tax money without the confirmed permission of tax-payers. Example $9 Trillion bailouts. There is nothing wrong in donating personal money but you need confirmed permission from Tax-payers to donate their hard earned money.

    Sales tax and Inflation tax. All they have to do is tax us through inflation. The government doesn't need our funds to keep running.

    Inflation is an invisible tax that is used to spend more than government takes in. Inflation of fiat money is easy when there are no hard assets backing the money. Inflation robs people of Purchasing Power (same as a tax). Inflation transfers productivity and assets of workers to those who sit in chairs and create the fiat money (or loan it out).

    I think in Australia, price of Milk, Potates, Oranges have remained similar for past 10 years.

    Federal Government spending is mandated to be for "the general welfare". When Government directs taxpayer money to an individual or group (and not for the general benefit of all Americans).... that's unconstitutional and against the law... as are earmarks and others.

    Such "permission" would have to come in the form of an amendment to the Constitution.

    My sincere suggestion to Americans is that, stop paying taxes if there is any further money printing or QE. Also stop paying taxes if USA government does not take back or withdraw the multi-Trillion dollars given to bankrupt companies. Serious actions have to be taken if this money printing madness does not stop immediately.

    Wait for atleast 10 million Americans to join the "Stop Paying Taxes" campaign. There is safety in numbers/crowds. Do not go ahead immediately. Starve the government of funds. We need a massive tax revolt because taxes is the blood for bail-outs. There should not be any new blood for bail-outs and money printing.

    Why should people pay sales taxes when they purchase at Wal-Mart and no sales taxes for amazon? Who is supporting amazon?


    Wal-Mart, which averages 140 million shoppers weekly to its stores in the United States, is considered a barometer of the health of the consumer and the economy.

    To save stock markets and giant companies Obama donated $9 Trillion because of which now USA defense companies are in serious trouble.


    15 Companies That Will Get Crushed When The Government Stops Spending

    #1 Lockheed Martin (Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II multi-role fighter)

    #2 Boeing

    #3 Northrop Grumman (Northrop Grumman's B2-Spirit stealth bomber)

    #4 General Dynamics (General Dynamics Abrams M1A1 Main Battle Tank)

    #5 Raytheon (Raytheon's Phalanx CIWS anti-ship missile system)

    #6 United Technologies (Sikorsky's UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter)

    #7 L-3 Communications (L-3's F/A-18 Tactical Operational Flight Trainer)

    #8 Oshkosh Corp.

    #10 BAE (BAE's Astute-class nuclear submarine)

    Read more........

    Obama knew he was jumping into a raging fire (USA) when he contested USA presidential elections in year 2008. If obama did not have any new solutions to save USA, why did he become president? Obama has copied and pasted Bush's decisions. In fact Obama has crossed the limit of making worse decisions. If you cannot stand the heat, do not play with fire.

    All of Obama's decisions result in negative for the USA economy and its citizens. It seems God is angry with Obama. The biggest problem with Obama is that he speaks too much. People who speak too much, they never succeed in their life.

    Obama says to USA "It is only words, words are all I have for you".

    Obama was pushed in front because nobody wanted to be USA president in year 2008 since everybody knew they would be staring at a debt of $25 Trillion to $50 Trillion and Afghanistan and Iraq.

    If George Bush would have been President for the third term then I think George Bush would have taken back $700 billion given to giant companies.

    George Bush had said "under normal circumstances I would have allowed the companies to fail but this is an extra ordinary situation".
  2. $5.5 Trillion withdrawn in 3 Hours

    Here is the financial report that says $5.5 Trillion would have been drawn out of the money market system of the U.S in 3 hours. Past 20 days, I have read such serious financial reports that reminds me of this event happening again.

    How The World Almost Came To An End At 2 PM On September 18

    If they had not done that, their estimation is that by 2 pm that afternoon, $5.5 Trillion would have been drawn out of the money market system of the U.S., would have collapsed the entire economy of the U.S., and within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed. It would have been the end of our economic system and our political system as we know it.

    On Thursday (Sept 18), at 11am the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous draw-down of money market accounts in the U.S., to the tune of $550 billion was being drawn out in the matter of an hour or two. The Treasury opened up its window to help and pumped a $105 billion in the system and quickly realized that they could not stem the tide. We were having an electronic run on the banks. They decided to close the operation, close down the money accounts and announce a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there wouldn't be further panic out there.

    Just a month later this appeared. Just before that Saturday, the European Central Bank took over all cash of the banks, in a fast operation spanning just one day, and without explanation. The monday after that weekend, they kept not only stock markets closed, but also the banks. So, it was clear that they feared major bank runs which would exactly end in where the IMF warned for. See how the puzzle felt together... afterwards?

    Now, what changed since then? Which economical corrections took place? Where are the massive bankruptcies of the bad companies that caused the crisis in the first place? They didn't disappear, they just proceeded draining off resources from the good ones. What happened instead? They repeated the same as what this disaster caused: creating more fiatmoney. At not just at the same rate, but almost 10 times as fast.
  3. You better practice what you preach big mouth. Why don't YOU do it first, then we will see what happens to you when the govt comes after your ass for not paying taxes.

    You talk the talk, lets see you walk the WALK !!
  4. Government's ass is on fire. They cannot do anything now. Now is the right time to strike hard. Strike when the iron is hot.

    Wait for atleast 10 million Americans to join the "Stop Paying Taxes" campaign. There is safety in numbers/crowds. Do not go ahead immediately.
  5. Vote for Obama, Go To Hell

    In her latest column, Janet Porter warns all those Christians who intend to vote for Barack Obama that they are willfully disobeying God and will be punished accordingly:

    To all those who name the name of Christ who plan to willfully disobey Him by voting for Obama, take warning. Not only is our nation in grave danger, according to the Word of God, so are you ... [T]his election is not about race. It's not about the economy. It's about obeying God.


    Be forewarned: If you willfully disobey God on life and marriage because of race or false hope for the economy, you will usher in the kind of change that brought the Soviet Union to collapse.

    But the warning goes far beyond that. To those who think that God's grace gives them license to willfully disobey Him without consequences – think again:

    Not everyone who says to Me, "Lord, Lord," shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?" And then I will declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!" (Matthew 7:21-23)

    That deals with your eternity.
  6. 377OHMS


    Its bearice.
  7. When a human being dies, he or she is buried or burned or drowned (Osama) within 24 hours otherwise the dead bodies will decompose and spread disease in the world.

    The giant companies died in year 2007, but instead of burying or burning them, USA government donated mutli-Trillions dollars to preserve the dead bodies (companies). Now these dead bodies are spreading "financial diseases" in the whole financial world. Nobody knows what is going on. There is definately major scare in the financial world. Investors are running away. Thanks to USA government and Obama.
  8. "Little Bitch" is Obama's code name at the Secret Service.

    Nobody respects government people anymore. You can do whatever you want.
  9. 412 Limousines under Obama administration

    Federal limo fleet increased by 73% under Obama administration

    The number of limousines owned by the U.S. government increased by 73 percent during the first two years of the Obama administration, according to a new report by iWatch news.

    An analysis of General Services Administration data reveals the federal fleet has increased from 238 limos in 2008---the last year of the Bush Administration--- to 412 limos in 2010. Much of the increase was recorded in the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

    For its part, the Obama administration said the increased number of limousines in the federal fleet reflects "an enhanced effort to protect diplomats and other government officials in a dangerous world."

    Just last week, President Obama issued a directive stating that by 2015 all vehicles purchased by the government must be "alternative fuel vehicles" such as hybrids and electric cars.

    Last year (2010) Obama flew in Air Force One 172 times, almost every other day.

    White House officials have been telling reporters in recent days that the Democrat doesn't intend to hang around the White House quite so much in 2011. They explain he wants to get out more around the country because, as everyone knows, that midterm election shellacking on Nov. 2 had nothing to do with his health care bill, over-spending or other policies, and everything to do with Obama's not adequately explaining himself to his countrymen and women.

    And with only 673 days remaining in Obama's never ending presidential campaign, the incumbent's travel pace will not likely slacken.

    At an Air Force-estimated cost of $181,757 per flight HOUR (not to mention the additional travel costs of Marine One, Secret Service, logistics and local police overtime), that's a lot of frequent flier dollars going into Obama's carbon footprint.

    We are privy to some of these numbers thanks to CBS' Mark Knoller, a bearded national treasure trove of presidential stats. According to Knoller's copious notes, during the last year, Obama made 65 domestic trips over 104 days, and six trips to eight countries over 22 days. Not counting six vacation trips over 32 days.

    He took 196 helicopter trips, signed 203 pieces of legislation and squeezed in 29 rounds of left-handed golf.

    Obama last year gave 491 speeches, remarks or statements. That's more talking than goes on in some entire families, at least from fatherly mouths.

    In fact, even including the 24 days of 2010 that we never saw Obama in public, his speaking works out to about one official utterance every 11 waking hours. Aides indicate the "Real Good Talker" believes we need more.

    Related: Obama spends nearly half his presidency outside Washington , plans to travel more

    Related: Vacationer-in-Chief Spends $1.75 Million to Visit Hawaiian Chums

    Obama has spent over $100 million taxpayer dollars flying around in Air Force One, and probably another $100 million on his entourage. Obama is just another tin-pot dictator living lavishly at the expense of his subjects.

    And we seniors have to "tighten our belts" because we aren't getting a COLA again this year... and none last year!


  10. Financial crisis 2007 was God's gift to world people so that world high inflation was destroyed forever. Shut down of giant companies would have led to mass unemployment worldwide so less income means less consumption and less inflation. Consumption leads to inflation.

    All the inflated money and inflated assets would have be been back to ground level from financial crash. The world would have been cheaper place to live today. Less population means more resources and less inflation and more space and clean world.

    Less world income means less cars and factories so less world pollution today and more Trees and animals.

    Mass unemployment would have resulted in World War 3 which would have killed 2 Billion people and destroyed world prostitutes and pornography forever. Angry people would have killed world useless people.

    But Obama and world leaders messed up everything by donating $9 Trillion and more. Obama is working against God. All of Obama's decisions result in negative for the USA economy and its citizens. God is angry with Obama.

    Take back/Withdraw the multi-Trillions bailouts immediately.
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