Stop orders in Excel (Genesis Laser)

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  1. Hi!
    Could I send stop orders in Genesis Laser via Excel?
    Please, help.
  2. Yes, I'm working on's a bit tricky....and late of course, as I decided to provide advanced orders as well....bracker orders, trailing stops, and others as well.
  3. Does anyone know if they still use buy side stops. What i mean is if I send a stop order does it reside native on their servers or my computer. If you live in the US this may not be a big deal but if you use stop orders a lot and live overseas then the delay is enough to add a fortune in slip. This is actualy my biggest reservation about Genesis. I think it comes down to the fact that they offfer the ability to colocate in NYC for $$$ per month and dont want to negate that service by effectively offering the same for free with server side stops.
  4. They have had server-side stops for a while now via the AUTO route.
  5. Joab


    There a pain in the butt to enter and it takes way too much time to get them in !!
  6. Interesting, how are you attempting to enter them Joab?
  7. Hmm that is interesting. From what I can gather they have a very good infrastructure in place once you get your orders to there servers. Sub millisecond round trip speeds certainly dont hurt if you like to scalp...
  8. I have been waiting on an answer from Genesis on their stop but no one got back to me. A firm I know who has the Laser platform said it is apparently being worked on.

    For scalping purposes I would probably increase my volume by a large percent if Genesis added this feature.

    What platforms do you see that have a good stop function in the? Please let me know??

    Thanks -
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    There is a seperate box in Laser I cant remember the name now OCS (or something like that).

    You have to select new ticket, then enter the symbol, then enter the # of shares then enter the order type (stop), then your price.

    This all pops up in a sub window !


    You have to activate the order and IF you want to route it ARCA you have to go and change the properties in yet another pop up window.

    It's all very cumbersome and can take up to 30 seconds some times as it's not built right into level 2 window.

    Pain in the arse !!!!!
  10. Joab



    I would easily double or triple mine.

    I currently use a second platform (that has an easy stop interface) but would prefer to use Laser because executions are generally faster.
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