Stop, or we'll kill our children!

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  1. I have been asking for several years wtf are we doing there?

    It's immoral to put our troops into these ambiguous nation-building exercises, where they are targets but can't fight back because of concerns that we might hit some civilians. Our enemy has a haven and supply depot in Pakistan, which takes billions in US aid but betrays us routinely. And where do you thnk the taliban et al get the money to by all those bombs, bullets ,etc? Iran, of course, but probably much of it comes from our supposed ally Saudi Arabia.

    Colin Powell formulated a well-known standard for committing troops after the vietnam fiasco. I have a simpler one, more suited for modern times. if we aren't prepared to kill every living thing there, destroy every piece of infrastructure and take for ourselves any natural resources or other items of value, then stay out. Go big or go home. If we aren't there to win, what's the point?
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    Anybody but a politician would agree. If you are going to war... go to war. If you want to stay out of it and fly some air attacks fine, but if you are going to send in the marines get a declaration from Congress and go to war.