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  1. Stop loss is for sissies.If you wanna make real money in the market, you should stop placing stop losses.Because the more SL you are placing, the more the results will be no more than random.It`s much better to repair your ill tooth then pull them out each and every time.:D
    Happy trading!
  2. Don't have any evidences so i can't believe in this
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    cut your losses and let your winners run is rule number 2

  4. BT, I only cut my losses in a few extraordinary occasions. But you gotta be funded properly for this game.
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    margin call if you don't cut your losses.

  6. Sitting on ET round the clock and searching for an answer...if you use stop losses. This is the main reason why you are here,man.

    You`d love to let you winners run, but suddenly they stick in the middle turn around and taste you SL. Daaaamnnn...:(
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    i come here to read idiot postings like yours.

    stop losses is rule number 2 if you work for prop firm you'll be fired for not putting stop loss

  8. Thank you BS! I didn`t know that.An what is the rule #1?
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    rule number 1 : Never Average Down.

    this trading 101. everybody knows it

  10. It`s a good news for me, that 'everybody knows that', pretty good to be honest.
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