Stop loss problems with NT7

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  1. Does anyone know how to place a stoploss without using ATM? I was told to hold cntrl down and use the mouse wheel but it is not working.

    So I was using the ATM with a 4 tick stop loss and apparently if you X out your stop loss to remove it and close your position your PL gets all screwed up.

    EX. Short ES @ 1196.75 with a 4 tick stop loss.

    I cancel (X out on the DOM) the stop loss.

    I buy @ 1196 for a 3 tick profit.

    Trade log shows a loss of 393.00 and the trades/and executions don't even come close to matching up with what really happened.

    This happened all day yesterday and today. Good thing it is my sim(about to go live) because I went from 800 to -700 in 5 winning trades.

    I have attached a chart of 3 sample short trades I quickly did for NT support. The 1st one on the left is when cancelling the stop. Notice the "Entry" to open and "entry" to close. (it actually had a stop loss open when I was flat)
    The 2nd is the same except I changed ATM to "none" before I removed the stop(NT request). And the 3rd is with ATM off.

  2. Sorry, Here's the chart.
  3. ctrl + scroll button + dom on the price level you wish to place stop
  4. RobertG


    Inside the ATM, choose NON.
    Click the left mouse button and uncheck the auto center.
    Then scroll to your stop and click CONTROL button + your scroll button in the middle mouse This should work, but I suggest trying it on Global Sim first.

  5. Yes, that is a good thing. Have you spent any time watching the Ninja videos? Here's Ninja 7 Library:

    I hope you familiarize yourself with the software before you go live. The NT DOM is a great tool but it does have limitations. I also encourage you to read through the Risks of Electronic Trading with NinjaTrader section.
  6. Thanks people. So far I do like NT7. It definetly has its moments though. I wont be trading live until I have her down pretty good.
  7. What does the auto center do?