Stop Loss on Big Drop

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  1. PennyP



    this is gold futures 1m chart, it happened on 8:30 news. I avoid trading this time with news, but if I did accidentally trade that with a bracket order as shown, where would I have been filled? limit buy at my price and stop loss slippage all the way down to where my crosshair is?

    Thanks :)

  2. mikeriley


    Depends on the Market, as you study your market
    you get a definitive idea what price action might
    do during high impact calendar events.

    Many avoid volatility, I welcome it and trade it.
    I use a huge stop loss on NQ, as price will flip
    back and forth.

    Yes, the risk is huge, but so are the profits
    when we ride the bull by the horns.
  3. SunTrader


    T&S will give you some idea.
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  4. PennyP


    I am asking what the fill would be based on the footprint chart, if the order was placed before the fact
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  5. tiddlywinks


    Can't be answered from your chart. Limit buy in this case becomes a marketable order immediately upon order acceptance by the exchange. Your place in the queue (of other marketable orders, and the size of those orders) at that precise moment is unknown. As mentioned, T&S will give some insight, but not necessarily the answer.
  6. Handle123


    Stops are not placed at Future exchanges but sit on your computer or brokers' computers, so slippage to sell could be near the bottom.

    I would recommend staying away as risk is far greater than possible reward.

    Learn charting, there was sell H&S and entry just prior to huge bar down for those who love risk.
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  7. %%
    ALWAYS assume the worst fill possible\ entry/exit; seldom disappointed that way.
    If occasional good fill happens =OK
    Or stay out of markets you cant or dont want that kind of worse fill +monthly top tail:caution:
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