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    How many at ET set their stop loss according to the charts/market and how many set it according to their account balance? What is your particular preference?
  2. Either is logical. Both are arbitrary.
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  3. For swing trading, I use a combination of the two thanks to position sizing. In other words, I pay attention to both. As I do not want to lose more than 1% of my account per trade. if the stop based on the market implies a big move, I reduce my exposure/size and vice versa.
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    Do you skip trades then that aren't within budget and if so, is that a difficult decision especially when you feel strongly about the potential?
  5. No, I would just have a small position. I understand it is a conservative approach, but it enables you to preserve your capital. Less risk, less reward. But this is the best way to trade for me, mentally. I hate big losses. I do not like small losses but they do not deplete mt account too much.
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    Yes I agree , a smaller position keeps you in the game. I think the losses are what need to be managed and the winners take care of themselves (for the most part)
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    Are there any traders on ET who don't use stops? If so, what is your rationale?
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    Not using stops may make you money on many trades but eventually will be a disaster.

    Stop loss I use is based on the charts.

    I know that 1.5% is the max % of my account I am willing to risk on a trade.

    If I can get outside the noise with that stop I take the trade.

    If I can't I'll wait for a better entry or pass on the trade.

    The extremely difficult thing for me is how the exit.

    I came in this morning long ER and ended up selling at 722 around 10:00 (3.6 pts below the highest bid)

    Exits are tough.

    Maybe wait till 9:40 and if ES breaks 9:30 LOD sell or just sell based on a % of 9:30 gap gets filled sell.

    Would love to be able to hold a few days what seems like a good entry but I can't stomach this much of a pullback.

    Well SPX up 4 pts Dow up 50 and ES making new lows
    Well I'm done for today don't want to give back any of my gains.
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    When you say "outside the noise" , what exactly does that mean. Let's say if you were looking to short--
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    putting a stop in an area that price has not trade at.
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