Stop loss and trailing stop loss

Discussion in 'Trading' started by tttinvest, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. Are the market makers able to see when a trader has set up a stop loss or a trailing stop loss? Does it post on a board that they can see?
  2. Someone else will be able to answer you better, but I know some of the answers can depend on your broker.
  3. It is no secret where stops are put since it is at evident market swing for example many should have put a stop at 7650 so no surprise they pushed down the market below before taking off :D

  4. Stops are visible, because they are 'parked' in the system. Some trading platforms have the ability to 'hide' stops. In this situation, your trading platform does not 'send' the order, until price reaches your stop level. Then it sends a market or limit order (depneding on how you configured it).

    The problem with 'hidden' stops is they are not in the system, and if there should be an interruption in your connection to the market, and your stop price was hit, then you would not be taken out of the trade. This is especially important for day-traders.


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