stop limit order (how often)?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by z32000, Apr 25, 2007.

how often do you use stop limits?

  1. All the time

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  2. sometimes

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  3. never

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  1. z32000


    how often do you use stop limit orders on ES, YM, ER2 or NQ?

    I'm using Interactive Brokers...

    Do they tend to trigger them properly...

    do you use the sell stop limit or buy stop limit for what strategy?
  2. I only use stop markets on ES. If you are wrong and it moves fast there are times your limit will never get filled.
  3. Oh yeah, so do I. Uhm, how can I change my vote? I voted for the 'stop' part, not the 'limit' part. :confused:

  4. Use 'em to enter on breakouts on the ES.

  5. Lucrum


    I'll use a stop limit for entries but never exits.
  6. Jaxon


    That makes sense. I was thinking about this yesterday, but figured out on my own that using a stop "limit" order would kind of defeat the purpose of using a stop loss order.
  7. KS96


    You get filed on *all* the losers,
    and you may miss some good winners.
  8. pkny


    but in the case of a stop limit buy, you are getting into stocks that are moving higher, you won't necessarily get filled on the "losers" or ones you are wrong on, so I thought that was a pretty good idea?
  9. Anyone use J Trader Platform if so, have I got this right...

    Right left click for stops on the offer or bid

    Left click for limit orders on the offer or bid.…

    If I go long at market and want to place an order to take profit..I would left click to place a limit on the this correct.…


  10. Lonley,

    You have the right/left clicks correct but be careful, stops entered lik this on JTrader are simulated - they reside on your PC and may result in additional slippage (vs native stops - which are entered by filling in a trade dialogue).
    #10     Jun 5, 2007