Stop killing the Iraqis.

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  1. American hypocrites, before you open your mouth to criticize other countries, please stop the ongoing genocide in Iraq committed your government/Army.

    Stop killing the Iraqis.

    Stop the ongoing genocide in Iraq.
    :mad: :(
  2. maxpi


    OK, will do, we were just waiting to hear from you.........

    Iraqis are Arabs, correct, so if the US was killing all Arabs, then it would be genocide.... I think the US Army is hunting down Al Qada people who hide among civilians so that when the civilians get killed a bunch of @ssholes can yell "genocide", am I not correct in this matter?
  3. Gord


    I don't think Intelinvestor is interested in what is correct...
  4. Quote: "so if the US was killing all Arabs, then it would be genocide"

    If this is the definition of genocide, how come there were genocides in Africa?
    At least I don't see them possibly killing all Africans in the US.

  5. I am interested in what is correct indeed.

    Iraqis are not linked to terrorists, you know that and CIA provided the intelligence.

    Iraqis are being killed just because there is plenty of oil under their ground.

    Stop killing Iraqis. At least stop killing the Iraqi civilians.

    Poor Iraqis. The whole world should take this lesson. You should own WMD, like Kim Jong Il, otherwise you will be wiped out from the surface of the earth by someone who is coveting your belongs.

  6. Gord


    The only genocides ever perpetrated in Iraq have been Arabs on Arabs.
  7. Really? Were the Americans invited there?

    What are the US soldiers doing there then? Having a vacation?


  8. you didn't hear? al qaeda has moved to the west and has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  9. Gord


    So Saddam didn't invite George Bush for tea - that is your definition of genocide?

    Saddam was a butcher who put people through plastic shredders while forcing their families to watch. Why don't you ask those families if they would rather have Saddam back?
  10. Saddam was loved more (less hated rather )than US soldiers in Iraq. Can you deny this fact?


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