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    I created trading system in AmiBroker in which buy is based on moving averages, there is no sell, however I use stops as sell. There are the following lines:

    ApplyStop(stopTypeLoss,stopModePercent,SL,1,0,0); //beginning stop
    ApplyStop(stopTypeTrailing,stopModePercent,TS,1,0,0); //trailing stop
    ApplyStop(stopTypeProfit,stopModePercent,TP,1,0,0); //take profit
    When I use Automatic Analysis - Scan, it gives me Ticker (what to buy or sell), Trade (whether to buy or sell) and Date. That's good. However if the system is partially based on stops, I need to know where to apply stop. Let's say I buy the given Ticker. I need to set stop to the given value. How can I know this given value? It would be useful to add other column to the results of Scan, i.e. "where to set stop" and the other Trade, i.e. "no trade - change your stop" for those things which I have already bought but I haven't sold those yet. Is it possible to do such a thing? If yes, can you give me any advices how to do it, please?

    If this is not possible, I guess it can be somehow done in Microsoft Excel. What inputs do I need and what kind of calculations? How to acquire those inputs? (I consider these three kind of stop which are shown in the code above).

    So my question is about applying stops. However, if it is possible to do it in Scan windows, can you say me how to add the other column, not only value of the stop and later the change of the stop, but also how much money I need to spend on the given Ticker?

    Thanks very much for your answer in advance!

    PS Neither this nor this helped me.
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    Can anybody at least give me some guidelines, please?