Stop Immigration Now

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  1. It was because of a bunch of entitlement-based hispanic and black immigrants that another immigrant (and a muzzie one at that) stole the White House.

    Had we not allowed in the crime gangs from Mexico and folks from Kenya and other backward African places, we would not be in the position we are in now.

    The one hope is that we control the house, so will be able to veto the boy's attempts to undermine American power.

    We should also use the house to prevent further immigration from countries like Mexico, Africa, China and India. Such countries hate us and are full of criminals and druggies that will vote Democrat.

    We should replace such immigration with immigration from Israel and England, which love us. Other countries in Europe we should be careful about e.g. no more French or Germans, but we will have more Italians cos they are not liberal scumbags.

    The boy may have 4 more years, but we must ensure that he gets nowhere.
  2. Sorry to break it to you Jake but most young Italians are democrats.My grandparents are staunch Catholics and probably voted for Romney but every family member I have below 40 voted for Obama.

    A republican might get the majority of the young Italian vote if the candidate is Italian(Christie/Giuliani ) but if not they're going democrat just like the majority of young people of every race.

    If its Italian vs Italian in 2016(Christie/Cuomo),Cuomo is getting the majority of the Italian vote
  3. That "boy" has accomplished more in 51 years then you could in a million
  4. BTW,I told you Obama was going to win :)
  5. shessh, name his first "paying" job?
  6. You are right. The boy has indeed accomplished more... damage.

    Next time around, we will be sure to get out the American vote, so that the immigrant vote gets beaten.

    How Obama even got into our country defies belief.
  7. Ice cream shop.Unlike Mitt and W Obama didn't have the advantages of a powerful connected multimillionaire daddy.
  8. He was born here, dumfuck.
    Does this place have a direct sewer pipe connection to Stormfront or something? These fools seem to be attracted here all the time. I still can't fathom a reason they aren't banned the minute they start their stupid ass ranting.
  9. funny he's still handing out ice cream only this time "it's free".
  10. Per Obama's own words, every one can get ice cream if they are willing to work for it. That was stupid, Phoenix, here is your prize.

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