Stop hunting is spotted again!

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  1. Hi.
    For people who don't know/beleive the existence of stop hunting, please take a look at these threads:

    Stop hunting is malicious/immoral/evil because the broker skews the chart to kick you out (eg making false spikes) before the price returns to your favour. :mad:

    Every forex broker is evil?!
  2. Quote Feed Controller

    The quote feed that comes into the platform can be turned off and quotes can be done manually if need be. So, you have the ability to move the spot prices at will, independent of the prices feed that you receive from outside. You see you can not only chage the Spread but also the actual market FEED which you want your investors to see. and lots will get triggered at YOUR own inhouse Feed.

    There are at least two brokers which are known to have been using this method:
    1. FXCM :mad:
    2. ActForex, Inc. :mad:

    There are more out there who do similar things.

    It's also suspected Oanda (which seems to be quite reputable) do that as well. One trader said:
    i trade with Oanda...for last 4 years...they are now bucket shop (2-3 years ago they were great)...they do similar thing..but you must paid attention to see it...
    i remember last year they have HUGE spike in eurusd (more than 100 pips in 2 seconds)...they said it was error with price it was not...they usually say that Oanda is a market maker...and that price is qouted by complex combination of software and hardware...most of time that is true...and in quiet market i think they involve few humans too
    btw. they restored customers trades and lost or earned money after that spike (spike occured 7/11/05)

    It appears brokers with JAVA based platform can have such a powerful tweaking system in place, so it may be wise to stay away from any suspicious broker using JAVA platforms on either client or server side.

    JAVA is a technology. Only JAVA based platform have the technology to bypass the server rates in 'realtime' and display there own trades.

    Other platforms can either freeze the same rate for a long time, raise spreads, or just freeze; but they cant tweek the rates in realtime as the market moves.

    Go trading with an ECN of no dealing desk & of direct routing. They should be less evil than those with dealing desks.

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    As spot forex is a unregulated market, there're tons of theives out there practising it to steal your hard-earned money.

    I think the ultimate solution is to give up spot forex.

    Go for forex futures - a regulated market which is much safer and free of immoral stop-hunting!