Stop giving money to Haiti!

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  1. We all know that Haiti has raised well over 1.2 billion dollars so far. (Some estimates say over 2 billion) So I was just check to see how much damage was really done there. I found this article...

    It estimates about 1 billion dollars in damages was done. (i saw somewhere else the figure was 900 million, but lets use this 1 billion dollar figure anyway) This means Haiti is now better off AFTER the earthquake than it was before. Not only are the Haitians who had 80% unemployment are now going to have jobs rebuilding, but they are going to have money left over.

    What i want to know is where was your humanitarinism when philippines was hit by the typhoon floods. There was 250 million of damages there, about 25% the damage that haiti maintained, but the US government only gave 50k dollars. Haiti got 100 million from Obama. Why? Isnt philippines a bigger trading partner? Why did we give so little to them? Was it because philippines wasnt black enough?

    Anyway...stop giving money to Haiti. They have got more than enough to rebuild to what they once had.
  2. What an incredibly terrible post. Especially this part:

    "This means Haiti is now better off AFTER the earthquake than it was before."

    What kind of bizarro world are you living in?! Get a clue.
  3. You must be pinoy. :(
  4. This from a self-proclaimed, holier-than-thou christian. The entertainment is non-stop here.
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    tell you what, if you lost your family, clean water, sanitation, and everything around you, and you lost a limb - would you be happy if it was 'replaced' by double your income?

    you are an asshole.
  6. Didn't some Haitians have to resort to eating mud to survive before the earthquake? I read that they have cut down 98% of the trees and most of the land is now unsustainable for crops. They were in pretty bad shape as a country even before this event. A few more billion to feed their people shouldn't raise any eyebrows considering what we spend on bombs every year. Haiti has bigger issues than only rebuilding what was destroyed from the earthquake.

    Haiti deforestation (left is Haiti, right is Dominican Republic):
  7. Wow! This is heartless. No matter what religion, ethnicity, if you can not help yourself, at least shut up and have a good will toward those Haitians in calamity.
  8. Translating David Brooks (Good Read)

    Brooks is right. These people have wallowed in their own shit far too long to be entitled to any help. Produce something or go die in a corner.

    Anyone know why Ethiopia is still a poor place? Didn't that 1980's "We are the World" bullshit solve their problems?
  9. A good reason for US to donate to Haiti and not Phillipines is that the phil's are far away where as Haiti is right next door.

    It could create a completely uncontrolled haven for unsavory groups to reside within striking distance of US. Sort of like Cuba.
  10. I would venture a guess that the estimated loss figure of $1 billion is far too low. If their economy was worth $6 billion before, what's it worth now? And we must not forget to factor in the years/decades worth of medical costs and lost productivity among the permanently injured survivors.
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