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  1. Has anyone had problems with a stop order with IB.
    Today afternoon at around 1:30pm I had a stop order to sell
    5 NQ at 1379.
    At 2:11pm I knew I still had the position, for 30 seconds I
    looked at some other window and when I came back
    I saw the order got executed at 1381.5, I was pretty surprised
    at the execution price. But at that time I did not have real time
    historical chart or time and sales to check whether 1379 was
    hit. My order execution time was 14:11:33
    I came home and verified with time and sales window that around that time the price of NQ never dipped below 1381.

    I ended up missing the end of the day rally and it potentially cost
    me 1350 because my target was to get out at 1395.

    How do they settle these kind of problems. Looks
    like TWS does not store the history of your orders to figure
    out why the order got executed.
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    1379 (and lower) was hit many times after 1:30 PM eastern.
  3. pspr


    I show the Dec NQ traded as low as 1378 around 1:54 PM EST.
  4. I am in central standard time.
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    you need real time quote asap.
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    After 2pm est Dec NQ never traded under 1379.50. You should call IB trading and ask for an explanation and possibly bust the trade. They are very difficult to get to bust trades no matter if it is their fault or not.

    Always use stop-limit orders which are native on the Globex server instead of the simulated stops on IB.
  7. Quah


    I show 1380 printed around your execution time. You say you dont see any print below 1381 - wonder why you dont see the 1380's?
  8. since I did not have time and sales data that time, I could not
    verify whether it really hit. Since I am not full time trader
    I had to come home and look into this matter.
    I looked at the time and sales data from e-signal at home.
    but now ib is closed, so i have sent them an e-mail
    and will call them tommorrow.
  9. I am looking at before 14:11:33 Central Time, because
    IBs system tells me that execution time and I do not
    see anything below 1381, 1 minute before
    that time
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    you should send details to the help desk ASAP anytime you question a stop. If you used a stop limit, your order would have been native on the exchange and thus assuming all was entered in correctly, the exchange will have to be contacted. if stop market, we'll have to research the orders audit trail against t&S.
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