Stop Durbin!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by atticus, May 23, 2012.

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    Why are you spamming?
  2. That's considered spamming? Wow, I'd love to hear that argument, pray tell.
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    Max E.

    Couldnt help but think of this when i saw the thread title..... :D

    But yeah i agree, its just more government intrusiveness from Durbin

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    Max E.

    I agree with Atticus, this isnt really spamming, its a political issue, in the past people have posted these petitions in the P&R section for many different political motives, and we all know Atticus is not simply here as a spammer.....

  5. achilles28


    Another attempt from Big Pharma to regulate their competition (supplement makers) out of business. They succeeded in Europe, where things like Vitamin-C, D and fish oil, cost upwards of 100 dollars a bottle, and require a doctors prescription. Regulatory monopolies are what big business are all about. They can fucking die. The same type of bill was tabled (and defeated) a couple years ago, in Canada. They'll try again, if they haven't already. They always do.
  6. +1
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    Max E.

    Well said.

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    Guys like Durbin and Blumenthal are purely on the take from Big Pharma. What gets me is the average schmuck can't figure it out. Fortune 100 bribe Congress to regulate industrial fiefdoms into existence in exchange for "campaign donations" and 300K a year consulting jobs, once the hitmen leave office. It's corruption nearly on par with African shitholes, but because it's all done under color of law in 10 thousand dollar suits, hey, we're a civilized people. Passing a money-filled suitcase under the table is something Mugabe does. Wiring 100 thousand into a campaign donor account that can include generous personal expenses, is noble. Virtuous, even. It's all a big fucking joke. Excuse my language.
  9. the supplement industry is ripe with quackery. if the industry will not police itself it invites regulation.
    you know its gone a bit far when you see "natural" erection hardeners advertised on cnbc all day.
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