Stop complaining...

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    Constructive advice for complainers: Don't like something? Do something about it, or don't. But don't waste time and energy complaining (yours and that of those unfortunate enough to have to listen to your impotent venting).

    For some, the best course is to try and change your situation, or at least change things such that you are not impacted by what frustrates you. For others, it is doing a cost benefit analysis and realizing that nothing is going to change (withoutout more effort than you are willing to put in) so you may as well cut your losses and ignore the source of frustration. For others still, it will be a call to arms and you will actively campaign against that which frustrates you. To each his own but for goodness sakes do something, anything, other than wasting time complaining like a little child who expects some unseen almighty parent to hear and fix what "shouldn't" be. Get real, grow up, contribute in a constructive way or stay out of the fray, complaining is destructive!
  2. please stop whining

    about the complainers :D
  3. just buy buy buy

    stop complaining about bailouts and stimulus
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    The value of $1 over time, in 1776 dollars. (source:Source)

    lol. No complaining results in bad things. How's that war coming along? And the George Bush depression? Do people still own anything in this "Ownership Society?"

    Oh and it's also why we have lawyers. :D