STOP blaming your losses on Manipulation

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  1. There seems to be no end to the posts about the market being manipulated. The market is not being manipulated, this is perfectly normal market movement for an economy that is heading into recession and/or a bear market.

    If you are getting whipped out of your trades it probably means you just don't know how to trade this environment, or you just don't know how to trade period. The current environment is spectacular for trading. The stuff is just MOVING.

    If you need to have a strong trend at your back to make money in the market then you don't know how to trade. Go back to the drawing board and realize you typically have to do the exact opposite in a volatile market, compared to a trending market.

    When we trend buy strength and sell weakness. When we chop buy weakness and sell strength. If you can't adapt to changing market conditions then either stand aside or change your method. Just stop blaming the "manipulators." That ain't happening.

    There is tons of money to be made out there; you just have to know how to get it. Take a different approach if what you're currently doing isn't work. Don't argue with the market, just trade what happens. Pay real close attention to candlesticks. In this market they are incredibly valuable.
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    The reason people lose trading is they do not trade the market but they trade thier minds. They trade what their mind sees and not what their eyes sees.
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    In the eyes of crashistas and permabears, the market is always manipulated.

    It's easier than admitting you're wrong all the time.

  6. look son,

    there are 3, not 2 forces that have always been and will be what the market is about. they are fear, greed, and manipulation. you will only learn of the 3 when you stop stickin your face to a monitor 12 hours a day and see the world beyond ur trading screen and learn more of what goes on in real life. the financial market is an integral part of the political, war and economical landscape of man on earth. only animals lack interest in manipulating it. probably <0.01% of members here have worked on the sell side, a government insitution or a political body with market access. you're akin to junior journalist reporting on the front line of a battle thousands of miles away. you got no CLUE wot goes on.
  7. Batman, maybe you are right. But profittaking fool implies he is making tons of money here even if he doesn't know what he is talking about.
  8. Even if the market is manipulated it's still not a reason to place blame for losses. If maniuplation occurs it presents opportunity. So if the manipulators are out there conducting their activities then let it be because if you simply <b>put yourself in a position to take advantage of opportunity when it is presented</b> then manipulation is a great thing!

    Think of it this way....what are manipulators interested in doing? The answer is suckering traders into a move and then running stops. So what should you be doing when the market goes to new intermediate highs or lows? The answer is simple: buy weakness, sell strength. Instead of being victimized by the stop running (manipulation) take advantage of it.

    "you're akin to junior journalist reporting on the front line of a battle thousands of miles away. you got no CLUE wot goes on."------>>>>> I have never worked on the sell side and I never worked for a financial institution, so you are right in that regard but I certainly do have a clue. I fully understand the behavior of the market. It's not hard to find the areas where the majority lose. Whether this is a result of manipulation or not is meaningless. Just don't blame it for your losses.

  9. Mate its like this the market moves up and the market moves down either you are on the righ side of it and take profits when they are presented or you dont and you lose pretty simple really.

    There is no gov conspiracy out to take your cash just the market flows. If you really think the manipulation is costing you cash dont trade.

  10. idiot boy, he is talking about trading not macro economics. get off your high horse, I would wager you arent even a trader since you so clearly did not grasp his post one bit

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