Stop and market orders availability

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  1. Can anyone confirm that the stock market is the only finanical market where stop and market orders can only be executed in certain hours(i.e. regular trading hours)?

  2. well, your broker does that as a favor to you. If you have a stop in to be triggered on the bid, it may make sense during RTH when the spread is just a penny or two, but after hours it can go to a dollar or two.

    Most brokers will give you the option if you want your stop to be triggered after hours, if that's what you want.

    not sure what you are talking about when it comes to market orders. A market order can be executed at any time. Usually there is a little box to click if you want it executed only during RTH.
  3. Thanks. Market and stop orders for stocks do not seem to get filled outside regular trading hours with Interactive Brokers. Am I right?
  4. no, you can specify if you want them filled only during RTH or at any time.

    Just keep in mind, on some stocks, after hour prices have nothing to do with reality.

    I don't trade stocks, so you will have to ask somebody more knowledgeable than me what stocks trade after hours.

    I know the buy and hold crap I own has no interest after hours.

    But the big stocks that everybody talks about and are traded worldwide can be bought and sold any time of the day or night.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I need stops in after-hours trading only in unique situations.
  6. that's cool, at least you are asking questions. I would be very careful putting in after hour stops. They can be triggered for no rhyme or reason. In almost every case, if you are that worried, you would be better off getting flat on the close.

    You can always get back in on the open.

    You'd be surprised how many good old successful traders only put it on on the close, and take it off on the open.