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  1. Austinp is a stool pigeon. He complained about the Jesus jokes on one of the other forums and so the moderators closed the thread.

    If austinp can't handle the heat, then he should stay out of the frying pan. austinp is the the one that is always on these forums talking about "lord" and "god" and "easter" and "jesus" and his "christian" faith and all that other crap. Austinp needs to keep his preaching about his lord jesus in this chit chat forum. Because his lord is not my lord and I could care less about jesus. Jesus was a 31 year old man that pooped his pants and that is why they put diapers on him on that wooden cross. So if austinp wants to worship a 31 year old man god named jesus that craps his diapers the keep it on this politics and religion thread.

    There were some good jesus jokes on that thread too. lol.
  2. I take it you personally inspected his "diapers" yourself to see if
    he had poop in them? Now that is perverted...

  3. If you actually think that I was there over 2000 years ago when it happened, then you are a mentally sick weirdo.

    Jesus was mentally sick. It is documented in the new testament that he was a 31 year old mental that pooped his pants - that is why they put diapers on him on the cross. Anybody can see it for themselves in all the pictures of him. Even Jesus's own mother thought Jesus was sick. She didn't listen to her own son because she knew he was mental and was not the Messiach.

    Question: Is it true that Jesus' family, including his mother, believed that he was mentally ill?

    Answer: According to the author of the Gospel of Mark (Mark 3:19-21, 31), during the period when he was preaching, Jesus' relatives, his mother and his brothers, believed that he was mentally ill. The author of the Gospel of John comments that "neither did his brothers believe in him" (John 7:5). Jesus, in turn, rejected them (Mark 3:31-35, Matthew 12:46-50, Luke 8:19-21). Apparently, Mary, the mother of Jesus, forgot the visits of angels, magi, and shepherds. The prophecies of Anna and Simeon completely slipped her mind. Most of all Mary seems to have forgotten her own impregnation by the Holy Spirit. It is more than likely that she had nothing to forget because these episodes never happened. When Jesus started to preach they had a legitimate concern as to his mental condition. This incident, rather than later claims that his family believed in his message, shows that no miracles surrounded his birth.
  4. I just figured since you knew that it was a "diaper" that was put
    on Jesus while he was on the cross that you were there and got
    a good whiff of his poop. Maybe you are reincarnated from one of
    the bugs that crawled around on the cross looking for his poop to eat...:p