Stony's Abbreviated Reader Syndrome (SARS)

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  1. Well folks the ideas are few and far between today but I thought I would give you an abbreviated reader. As I finish up my research this morning I am more inclined to take a stab at gaming and WYNN in particular. I have been tracking Este Lauder for the past few weeks surprisingly it really looks good and poised to break out to boot! MRVL's earnings were good but the stock spooked investors with out of control spending after a $1 dip it has reclaimed 50 cents and one can't argue their outlook is bright. Invintory levels are to be eyed wearily, but for downside vs upside risk/reward ratio-you got to like this name. Looking at CHINA this week too, not the country the stock- CDC games. They have been surfacing a bit lately in my work, in weird ways, not price action: they settled a dispute on their top selling game and generally the numbers are very strong. Down at $3 and change this is a nice pickup of a company NOT going out of business any time soon. They sell into a good demographic; youth, better yet youth who has got the cash and better yet foreign youth.... MRVL, WYNN, EL, CHINA are my initial leads this week....

    Other various*

    ARTX- $8 mil order for armored vehicle
    TASR- Another stock not going away with some decent newsflow.
    MELI- a bit dangerous but I'm drawn to it...

    I'll flush these ideas out with better DD when I can.
  2. EL up again. RS climbing every day. LF up again. WYNN just down a smidge, CHINA just down a smidge... these look very viable for this week. Adding DNA to the mix because chart is so strong in advance of this week's review. MRVL & TASR took bigger hits today we will kick them down to second tier buys....

    Been filling in behind my SIGM position I'm going down (or up) with the ship. The rumors of fed intervention are flying but it's so silly, it's up to Europe to either support the dollar or lower their rates we have done all we can do already, by the time the summer rolls around all these cuts will be in the system and the Fed will be behind the rate raising curve. Yes times are bad but is it a recession?

    Did you know if every financial stock stopped paying their dividend for one year we would be totally out of this mess in 2 qtrs? That's the real story of the banking systems capitalization... just cut the damn dividends already yes it's bad for retired folks but they will make up half the difference in principle gain, it's tighten the belts for 1 year and blast ahead all we have to do is take away the dividends.... who has the guts to do that? ~ stoney
  3. Great things happen to great people!

    TASR gave us or 9.4 percent Tuesday and looks to be up again on some air force news.

    MRVL is displaying their low power consumption chip,
    watch that one.

    This morning's scan found marginally attractive plays in

    Other names- ACH,NUE,KOP is a nice little power 3 pack that you use when people feel the global economy is still ticking, these worked out great as day trades yesterday not sure you want to marry any one just yet... J Crew reported let's see how the market takes it and watch LULU even though I can't stand management...~ stoney
  4. Great Things happen To Great People pt 2

    Wynn Resorts Ltd., up $5.04, or 5.5 percent, at $96.45

    Oh baby! Who's rolling with stoney! Flir went nutso too I'm not sure if I put it in this thread.....

    my best play right now is EMCOR EMKR but I feel weird saying it since I'm in at HIGHER levels as well as right here.... this stock is poised to pop crazy....

    Consolidated-Tomaka is a land play that is having an agitator stirr things up- Winters it popped $3 on my watch (2 days) and I swiped and missed long letter from the company back to the agitator today not exactly giving him anything but very polite let's watch this one... CTO....

    You may have noticed an interday call on GSOL gave us the easiest daytrade ever yesterday for a clean $2 but other similar names might be in play today... CDS might be worth a gaze or two.... China Direct...
    Just about the only call not working for the stoned one is CHINA so perhaps we have to skip over to GIGM... will decide on that later.

    market is reacting well to j Crew. I'm pissed. It wasn't that great a report. But I got shook out of the name in the market's recent descent I didn't stick to my convictions and bailed on the whole sector because of the drumbeat of news flow on recession. Even at my age (43) the common mistakes continue to happen.

    One of the oldest investing dilemmas is what do you do when you have the right company in one of the weaker industry groups.... and one of the biggest mistakes is giving up and not sticking to your convictions. In this case it's all about Mickey Drex and his magic and coming from a past in retail, I should have known better. Mistake number two might be blindly grasping at LULU or CROX here...
    but the blind got to invest too. ~ stoney
  5. Wow where to start. Eliot Spitz to resign today.

    SIGMA is a buy today if you got the guts. I do.
    But check my history with this name. It's not good.

    Here's a stat for ya-
    Investors Intelligence Bulls-Bears sentiment is now the same quality of the 2002 low. Almost all of the technical models are now at major quality low values....

    Chew on that while we figure out just why the hell we are in this position... I keep coming baxck to the rating agencies.... why are they not in jail?

    Here's another fun point. yesterday amidst the joy and confusion a few things were going on. (1) the damn dollar was going up for once. Why? Because the fed futures realized so much liquidity was being pumped into where it matters that the likelihood of further rate cuts of the kind that wall street sharkslike were less. Less cuts = $ Up! Let's just remember that raising rates means strengthening economy and with all the damn stimulus we are going to get a bump in the big economic numbers will you be ready for that? The freight ship numbers I believe are weak and invintory levels in tech too high (chips) but the earliest indicator trucking freight is looking a good deal purkier... could it be the demise of our entire belief system is not happening? Damn these short sellers who push things to extreme! Why can't we all just agree to push things back and forth between 13,000 and 14,000 before eventually breaking out?

    Bear Sterns- That was an $8 reversal yesterday that I missed. Doubting Thomases never win the race, today their CEO is on the wire saying huh we are fine no capitalization needed, everything a- ok; what's going on anyway.??.. it's almost laughable.... I'm still not comfy with how the whole Citygroup mess might turn out.

    I mentioned before in a thread a great fact. If all financial institutions forgo their dividend for 1 year- voila we are out of this mess. I didn't get the feedback I was hoping for from the ET community because indeed it is an pretty smart suggestion if I do say so... we could do this without taxpayer money... just the lack of future money if that makes any sense... we all know how to buckle down for one year. Take my $14,000 amex bill this month I kid you not... that could easily be taken down to $6,000 where it belongs and with a little rope and other restraining devices on my wife down to $1,500.... just give the consumer warning!

    The other way of course is the bailout and we are at numbers now on forclosurs that can be handled quite easily by a big LTC type bailout... I wish we could just move on and stop having the contagion break out somewhere else, as the Wall Street Journal is apparently saying this morning about Home Equity loans-aren't they mortgages or second mortgages? We already covered that! Or did we.? It's all so confusing.

    All I really know is that my back hurts. ~stoney
  6. Well GSOL continues to move. hate these analyst induced breakouts you don't know what to believe- it's not pure chart reading but hey the volume is decent.

    AKNS has been very busy up 90 cents this is an little solar play that I had a ways back $7 to $9 as I remember, now it's on the move again and back to $7. the company is good at getting press releases out when needed. keep an eye on it for a 2nd leg b/o...

    MELI oh how I love thee, but still it needs just a little bit more to truly break out right on the cusp, I have a minor position but am looking to go full bore... this has the potential TO BE A VERY POWERFUL PLAY FOR US!

    Has anybody noticed all the battery stocks are moving? It all started with this VLNC they have all the contracts now and now today I see XIDE on the move- they are a good company and even my ugly ALTI is being taken along for the ride... high oil? Or some major breakthrough around the corner?

    CFSG gave you the bounce today $5.25 to $5.75 the chart is just dreadful but as a one day play at earnings time- I'm certainly game.

    JRJC just a hunch but it's gonna fly soon.

    This ARWR is my chart of the afternoon there is something so interesting about this stock, I believe they had a solar announcement this morning and they have a cancer drug in the pipeline! Nanotech at it's best.

    Stoney fave WAVE had an announcement and is breaking through 5 days worth of declining tops. (WAVE) Nextwave Wireless announces that it has entered into a strategic agreement with ALU to develop advanced WiMAX broadcast solutions for mobile operators worldwide. Under the Agreement, ALU will integrate WAVE's recently announced MXtv technology into their industry-leading WiMAX solutions portfolio, based on the 802.16e-2005 (Rev-e) standard. The two companies plan to perform a series of interoperability tests with Alcatel-Lucent's commercial WiMAX infrastructure starting in the second quarter of 2008. ~ stoney
  7. just crete journal instead of just replying to your own posts
  8. Wow what a week. This was a great abbreviated reader congratulations to you brave 170 who participated.

    WYNN $92-$97 EL up a buck a day practically, MRVL ripped today as promised I really like this name from here on out, $10.50 cost basis on a great name you can't beat that. Taser was a rollover Spitzer date, I'm not going to deny it still of course we made coin on it, speaking of COIN... forget it, some other time.... LULU & CROX catching bottoms is tricky but I think we got them. J Crew we messed up, Bear Sterns we just couldn't seem to time right but FLIR & MELI!! (don't quote me on MELI I forgot to check in today- my kid got a real bad ear ache. In fact I probably shouldn't be typing right now. ~ stoney