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  1. Well as we say goodbye to the correction/ bear market today lets take a step back and see how bad we are hurt. By mandate I have to be near fully invested 100% of the time and by self imposed mandate I let my trading account slide into this abyss. I don't like crowds and this panic sell off seemed crowded. In the case the crowd was right.
    On the 08 Portfolio-

    Company Symbol Last trade Change Mkt Cap
    Echelon Corporation ELON 13.14 +0.63 (5.04%) 534.62M
    Composite Technology Corporation CPTC 1.44 +0.03 (2.13%) 321.11M
    Landec Corporation LNDC 9.32 -0.03 (-0.32%) 243.16M
    General Cable Corporation BGC 58.26 +2.07 (3.68%) 3.06B
    Trinity Industries, Inc. TRN 28.32 +1.10 (4.04%) 2.31B
    E-House (China) Holdings Limited EJ 18.48 -0.55 (-2.89%) 1.41B
    Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. ENER 23.08 +0.70 (3.13%) 922.67M
    Sterlite Industries India Limited (ADR) SLT 20.39 +0.16 (0.79%) 11.39B
    Aixtron AG (ADR) AIXG 12.38 +0.41 (3.43%) 1.10B

    This was yesterdays action. We see the outsized moves compared to the market in ELON- 5%, BGC- 3.6%, TRN- 4.4%, ENER- 3%, AIXG- 3.4% these are all the double downs this morning. We will kick kick the remaining EJ (already sold 1/2) & SLT to the curb unless they rip today.

    Overall since 1/1 purchases the market has collapsed on us and these names are underwater. I'm hanging in on most except I already sold 1/2 the EJ, amazingly for a 9% gain, the rest of course still plague me. On average I'm starting the year in a big hole. I'll give individual updates on some other names like WAVE soon that are holding up better but I wanted to clear the decks and refocus now If I don't regain half of these losses in two weeks time I will be very surprised.

    Lets hope for better times.

    I'm ok and I hope you all are too.

    ~ stoney
  2. Stoney, u play too many shitty stocks. How's that a;; in play on ZVUE at $4? Got to get out of those fast momo play and bail.
    Last Trade: 64.00
    Trade Time: 3:02PM ET
    Change: 5.25 (8.94%) Not the only 8% mover, we're clawing back folks. Thank goodness we doubled down on bgc & ENER with this thread! Might we shake it up and add ACH here? It's $40 down from $80 just turning around today.... ~stoney

    Exchange Symbol Last trade Change Mkt Cap
    Echelon Corporation NASDAQ ELON 13.85 +1.11 (8.71%) 563.50M
    Composite Technology Corporation OTC CPTC 1.18 -0.01 (-0.84%) 266.87M
    Landec Corporation NASDAQ LNDC 9.31 +0.09 (0.98%) 242.90M
    General Cable Corporation NYSE BGC 64.00 +5.25 (8.94%) 3.36B
    Trinity Industries, Inc. NYSE TRN 29.76 +0.93 (3.23%) 2.43B
    E-House (China) Holdings Limited NYSE EJ 18.12 +0.97 (5.66%) 1.38B
    Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. NASDAQ ENER 28.01 +2.18 (8.44%) 1.13B
    Sterlite Industries India Limited (ADR) NYSE SLT 19.19 +0.52 (2.79%) 10.72B
    Aixtron AG (ADR) NASDAQ AIXG 13.02 +0.33 (2.63%) 1.15B

    Not sure why AMSC is not above it's in the portfolio another 8% mover that's four in a day today in a pretty light market... does the action follow me or do I follow the action?, I don't even know. I told you all , gimme a half way decent market, anything short of this endless debt panic and we can dig free, is it my fault I put these into play Jan 1? -


    As always it's in the timing.

    American Superconductor Corporation
    (Public, NASDAQ:AMSC) -

    +1.58 (7.66%)