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  1. Wow where do I start? My life has been flying by, my refinance has been apparently declined and then perhaps saved or not. My Dog Clyde has been saved with emergency surgery and my dear NY Giants who I cover at great length for no money have made it all the way to the Super Bowl! :)

    You can excuse me if I've been slow to post lately.

    I have 3 new buys I made last week. I've sold some stuff stuff-- lets get you all up to date.

    Today I extracted myself from my two dividend plays I went into when things were very dark.

    RPM had a price change of +30% since purchase, plus a 1.8% dividend capture, and outperformed the S&P5 by +19%.

    WPC had a price change of +16% since purchase, plus a 2.5% dividend capture, and outperformed the S&P5 by +2%.

    The New Buys:

    Tech play INVN the chip that flips! When you turn your i phone and the picture turns.

    ACOM- This is a weird play for me... they do look up your family tree on the internet.

    New yield play Southern Copper SCCO.

    LIFE was purchased a few weeks ago... 1/2 position as it had started to run.


    AMZN 1.6%
    AUXL 2.9%
    AVGO 2.0%
    CBS 1.7%
    EXPD 1.8%
    ICON 1.7%
    IMMR 1.7% --- down old ET Stock
    IPGP 1.6% --- down old ET Stock
    KEYN 2.4%
    NOV 2.4%
    NUS 2.4%
    QCOM 1.8%
    TSCO 2.1% (may sell wed after earn- up big)
    UNIS 1.4% --- down old Et Stock
    MHGC 1.7% --- newish Boring stock.
    **Very Recent Activity:**
    LUFK- In at $70.00 ran to $77.00 back to $75.00 Good Action.
    SHAW- Bored already, had been absolutely flat.
    ITUB- Bought at $19 and change has yet to do much.
    LIFE- Bought 1/2 @ $46.00 area, $48.00 now.
    ACOM- Bought 1/2 right here at $30.00
    INVN- Bought Full Position @ $14.25. $15.00 Now looking good.
    SCCO- Bought @ $36.00 Some concern here as it has gapped down today before earnings $34.50 now!

    Alright that's the stock stuff. With refinancing a second home all I can say is good luck! I waited till they mailed me two rejections which I smartly didn't open before letting them know that my great grandfather actually ran one of the banks they swallowed up in Boston... that seems to have got them thinking. I'm now waiting for a special letter which will allow me to go 90/10 (them 90!) on what they think the value of the home is... or not.

    Clyde the Rhodesian Ridgeback is 12 and he just came through throat surgery! The Dr had to tie back his Larynx, he was having trouble getting air-- no muscle activity in there... his stitches come out tomorrow. Aside for my kid and my wife on a good day, Clyde is everything in the world to me... it was a rough period there seeing him struggle daily for air.

    Throughout all of this I somehow redid a kitchen! Well I paid someone to do it slowly. This past weekend I lost it and screamed at the contractor - JUST FINISH!

    And now that's what the New York Football Giants must do- FINISH! :cool: ~stoney
  2. Let's hit a blizzy sometime
  3. You Got It C Young!

    I've actually gotten into juicing! Well it looks like a juicer anyway and it has this big bag on top that cracks like happy popcorn and it collects just vapor nothing else.
    It's a little 'Blue Velvet' strolling in on company while sucking that bag.... but that's it's a small price to pay for all this success in the stock market.

    Don't you think

    Is that a statement or a quetion


    I've been waiting for the official FACEBOOK rally and this is it.
    I've moved out of dividend plays and I'm probably the most dangerous man you could bump into... at least to myself.

    Surly a lot of crappola might move here-- Social Networking Crappola, stks like the one I bought ACOM (haven't checked today- don't tell me) but there are others Friend Finder.... It may become hard to maintain one's cool.

    Facebook itself is a stock I want so that should be interesting...
    Each day Facebook could hold off registering here would help the market along...
    Do It Next Week!

    I need to START A WATCH LIST!

    If you have any good ideas please chip them in-- I've got precious few: ~stoney

    #1- NBIX- $9.50

    #2 - NUAN- $29.00
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    funny the reason I cash out EXAS is to pay for refin cost, it also fell thru.
  5. This is the great question I have NK. These nice guys in Ct ran the title search and sent the info to the bank and I haven't heard from them since. Do they wait and wait or do they expect to get paid even if the refinance fails? Do they know it's failed or maybe been re looked at? I'm afraid to ask.

    NUAN Looks good. I'm a bit torn on this because I think people look stupid as hell when they say outloud " TV On. Check Weather Please. " However it's a company I have a hard time believing will miss numbers when they report Feb 9 and they ought to outperform leading into it. I bought this today!

    * * *

    NBIX- this is an old name for me, used to be a sleeping aid drug I think they fell on their face I know I lost money on them before... what is going on? The chart says something... need to do some research here.

    SYNA- Adding this name to the watch list. Real good vol today after earnings these guys touch you good. Smudge stock. Touch pads. all that tech.

    Those are the 2 now I'm looking at tomorrow. > NBIX, SYNA

    Hoping Southern Copper hits it out of the Peruvian park!

    Regarding that Refi--

    I now know to start the whole process with " we are not going to agree on the value of the house so lets get a special situation letter going...."

    It's amazing what these guys are doing to the country the way they won't budge from a sudden case of the morals. I'm supposed to have $1 mil liquid for what I want to get done can you imagine that?

    I used to visit State Street Bank in the old days in Boston. That's where my great grandfather was President. There's a huge portrait of him in the basement and they used to take me down the elevator to pay homage. State Street was bought by Bank Of America I think which was bought By US Trust or US Trust bought State Street and they have some affiliation with BAC. I have no idea-- you just don't get the special treatment like the old days and in a way that's what banking is about. It's sad.~stoney
  6. My fuse is short this morning. I'm in a hyper aggravated state due to the Super Bowl, charged up and ready to play. I could run through a brick wall this morning.

    In thee moods I shoot and ask questions later....

    So I'm sorry to say I am booting Long Time holding TSCO after they laid an egg at earnings. That' ok we have a cost basis in the high $50.00's I'm just so mad I didn't sell yesterday which was my inclination.

    I'm Booting new buy SCCO! I mean they pushed back their reporting date twice after a gap down there is just all the sudden this mystery in the air, alright, to the hedge fund I look stupid. Fine. You have to swallow your pride in this game.

    Ok this mood brings out an aggressive buy! It is a $2.30 stock BUT it regularly trades over 1 million shares so I feel it qualifies under the ET rules.

    The Stock is YM Bioscience- YMI.

    The product-CYT387 for myelofibrosis.

    The myelofibrosis market is not a huge one. This is usually a reason to NOT buy a biotech. However the price of the stock is attractive enough to warrant attention.

    There are upward of 130,000 patients in the US, which puts myelofibrosis into orphan disease territory. Nevertheless, the market opportunity is reasonably substantial, with chronic treatment and long median survival times for most patients.

    That means patients live and they keep taking the drug. Incyte put a drug out for this same condition and did very well, YM's drug is better because it also tackles anemia a big problem for these patients! And has a better side effect profile!

    I know YM.... why do I know all these crazy ones... I was there for their first drug attempt Nimotuzumab, YM’s follow-on to Avastin, this suffered from lack of resources, poor timing, and poor regulatory strategy.

    YM acquired CYT387 when they acquired Australian biotech Cytopia in 2009. Management of Cytopia assumed control of the company shortly thereafter.
    So in essence we have had a management change.

    New management layed off the responsibility of developing nimotuzumab off to partners.

    CYT387 is now the company’s lead drug and the only one YM is spending meaningful money to develop.

    >The phase III pivotal program will start in mid-2012,

    >The company has over $70 million in the bank, but will need money from investors or a partner to launch the pivotal program.

    Technically speaking the stock has had a marvelous washout on high volume and then another vol stick leading the way up. The stock has just managed to clear resistance at $2.00. next stop $2.50 then $3.50. That is my target. ~stoney
  7. News Breaks
    January 23, 2012
    09:16 EDT YMI
    YM Biosciences reported compelling data, says Roth Capital
    Roth Capital believes that YM reported differentiated efficacy data, especially with regard to positive anemia responses, at ASH. The firm thinks that the company will land a major partnership n 1H12 and it reiterates a $6 target and Buy rating on the stock.
  8. shopster take that link off my thread you dolt... it says something about peso's!

    that link may have a virus. ~si
  9. Roth capital is a virus.

    using the words " believes and thinks" in the same paragraph is pure smoke 'n mirrors.

    the game is rigged, no reason to change.

  10. Listen you are babbling on one of my threads. ET has but few rules, one of them is when stoney brings an idea to the table it's a good idea to (a) take it seriously and (b) buy it. and (c) don't babble on the thread.

    Today is the last chance to buy this name.

    We have done over TWO MILLION SHARES TODAY AT LUNCH...


    Don't let the fact that I bought it slightly down today 2% keep you from getting on for this rocket ship. Look at the chart. Some of you out there must still do that. I hope so anyway. NORTH OF $2.50 looks interesting doesn't it? ~stoney
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