Stoned Alert- Panl

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Folks I just bought 700 Universal Display. I love this company and have owned it on and off in the past. Now you may ask why own it now and I have no good reason except a great deal of out- performance today on pretty lazy volume but the conspiracy guy inside me smells something more brewing here.... take a look at a 5 day or tight time frame and see how that beautiful move from $15.50 seems to jive with this blog interview .
  2. But the <b>entire sector</b> has been running up this week... it's not stock-specific at all.
  3. The whole OLED sector? That's two stocks PANL and Cambridge Display (Boo!!) ~ stoney
  4. For some reason, I had incorrectly assumed that PANL was involved with <b>solar</b> panels.
    Sorry, my bad. BTW, I have indeed noticed that your picks tend to be pretty awesome.
  5. Rearden this guy Wozz or Wozzinski or whatever on the link supplied, he's hooked up with that fairly ugly comedian chick who dumped her husband after her reality show... he's worth billions so sh'es now A LIst, Kathy Griffon, that's her name. Anyway, this cat started I think Apple so the fact that he's HIGH on oled tech, it's the first thing he says basically and that he sees new light displays as coming on... got me thinking I google financed and someone had left that interview under the message board feature of PANL, so I overlayed the time frames and indeed one could make an argument there is some kind of buzz building about OLED tech spawned maybe from this clip... in regards to hand held devices... and with the Google phone coming maybe something there to boot... cool lighting all around the phone that's ultra thin, could this be the next fashion statement in cell phones?... the penetration into tv's has been slow but the technology is great and is low power consumption to boot... something to think about anyway. Thanks for the kind words, up a buck now I see... I'll track down some research on this name by tomorrow. ~ stoney